Cutting Off A Possibly Decaying Root In Dwc

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    I use DWC in a 5 gal bucket.
    When the plant was quite young and small (no taller than 7 inches), a CFL fixture that was hanging fell directly on the plant.
    I believe that this fall damaged my plant and severed or pinched a root.
    The plant is about a foot tall now, with a nice amount of white roots coming in.
    The problem is, one of the oldest and thickest roots (the one that was damaged when the light fell on it) is brownish and possibly decaying (i'm not 100% sure...).  There are a decent amount of healthy white roots.
    My question is... would it be better to try to surgically cut off the oldest, damaged root (which is a dark brownish color) or leave it be?  I am worried about future root rot issues or some other bad related thing.  The damaged root looks like it is still growing length wise, but it is still that brown color.  I don't believe the brown coloring is coming from my nutes staining it either (even though I am using the lucas formula)....
    My nute solution smells..... earthy? i guess.... it is not repulsive or anything like rotten eggs... (and I hope it does not become that either).... I don't think it "smells like root rot"... but i VERY WELL could be wrong about that.  It kind of just smells like what I would expect a reservoir to smell like (but I am not very experienced)... So the root looks like it is damaged and possibly dying but i honestly dont know 100%.
    How much will it hurt my plant to cut off this thick, damaged main root?  There are quite a decent amount of other roots, but not a huge amount of them.  Is it better to just leave it alone? Why would the supposedly damaged root continue to get longer and longer (growing)????
    Thanks !

  2. First,if it is the main root I would not cut it off,second are you having PH problems?,IE uncontrolable  falling PH levals?,is that bucket hooked into a series with other buckets and if so how do the roots on the other plants look,,also a pic or two may also help,also is just the part of the root that got damaged brown or is the new growth of that root brown as well.
    If I where you for right now I would leave it alone and keep an eye on it,if the plant it self looks healthy and is growing  real good I would leave it,keep an eye on your PH levels watch for yellowing or curling leaves...
  3. hello and thanks for the reply,
    It is the "main root" it was basically the main root of the tap root, begins in the netcup and then into the ~2.5gallons of solution in the 5 gal sized bucket.
    No pH problems, just a slight rise which I belive is natural for my current feeding intensity.
    Bucket is alone by itself.
    The new growth on the main root looks to be brown, its not totally brown just like half brown. It is rather strange. Do you know what that could mean? I may be able to get a picture soon.
  4. Decisions, decisions, decisions.......
    Any more advice blades?  Might be able to get a picture finally today....
  5. Leave it alone. The roots will turn slightly brown. As long as they don't have slime on them , and you have new growth growing your good. Increase you oxygen levels and you'll do fine. I also add h2o2 to me Rez and that helps a lot

  6. Don't cut it now, wait for some time and include enzyme supplements in your nutes. 

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