Cutting hole into the attic?

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  1. So I have a grow 4ft long X 2ft deep X 5ft high grow tent in a walkin closet in my bathroom that is maybe a half foot longer, a few inches deeper and maybe about 7-8ft high. I rent in an apartment (although this is a prop 215 grow in california). I'm having heat issues with the hps of course and it looks like venting into the attic is probably my only choice.

    Assuming I go up there and measure out a spot for the hole, how hard would it be to fix this later down the road when its time to move out?

    I've been searching but havnt found much so anybody who has done this I would appreciate you chiming in. Thank you!
  2. Depends on if the ceiling has a textured or "popcorn" coating.

    If it is just flat, cutting and patching a hole is duck soup unless the place is so old it is lath and plaster.

    Most people forget to vent the door.
  3. Yes the walls/ceiling have a popcorn surface. I read that I can save the piece I cutout so I can reuse it later? And right now I have an inline fan sucking air out of the closet but all its doing is going into the bathroom (the tent is in walkin closet) and recirculating and with a wind tunnel of a fan setup into my bathroom my house sits at 79 and my tent about 4-7 degs higher.

    Lights off 2-8
  4. You should have figured out your ventilation before you set it up.

    Oh well.

    If you can cut an access panel out of the ceiling, replacing the cut out piece should be easy unless you butcher the shit out of it.

    Use a keyhole saw.

    I put my grow in a closet with attic access (a "kick" panel) that I replaced with a panel I cut holes in for light heat venting and stink venting (I treat them as separate issues).

    Recirculating the air isn't going to help you.

    Stick speed controls on the fans to "dial" them in.
  5. If you have a popcorn ceiling you can't just go cut a hole in it like it's no big deal. Popcorn ceilings are asbestos and you will be doing more damage to yourself than it's worth without the proper protection. Just get a cheap door and vent through that. If you can just run the bathroom fan while the lights are on to help exhaust the hot air that you are dumping into the bathroom.
  6. Hmm ok. If its that bad then maybe I won't be doing that and have to move it to my closet where it doesn't have textured wall or ceiling.

    There's a light fixture that I am gonna take apart and see if I can somehow unmount it and use that for access to the attic. 12hr work days doesn't really help cause it usually leaves me with time to do my own stuff let alone I rarely get off work before everythings closed to pick tools/nutes/etc up

  7. That is a MYTH.

    Popcorn ceiling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If you live in a building made before 1977 maybe.
  8. Interesting... I will be going into the attic and removing any insulation that might be in the way and checking for power lines prior to doing any type of drilling.

    Any tips on how to do this easier or is it as easy as measuring the hole precisely from both sides and cutting it out (then saving the piece to later be reused in patch up)

    Is there some type of adapter I can use to help fit the ducting through and to seal

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