Cutting Edge Solutions 6 part system

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hgrace702, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. hello, i am a first time indoor grower and im only useing the ces 6 part system in ocean forest soil. If you use or have used CES 6 part system please share your experience, photos, tips, likes and dislikes and comparisions to other ferts.
  2. I've been using CES lately, used FloraNova prior. I like not having to shake the shit up like the Nova, and my plants seem to like it. ATM I'm only using the Micro and Bloom, I have Plant Amp and Uncle Johns but they've been sittin awhile and seem to have gone bad
  3. how have your harvest been using this product
  4. Haven't harvested any plants that I've grown to their potential, the only one I've harvested was kind of a trial run and I burned the hell out of it. It was a mother plant I was flushing for awhile and just threw into flower, even burning it up the buds still turned out pretty fat. The stuff I'm vegging that's about to go into flower is looking really healthy tho, I can't say I've had any complaints using it so far
  5. ill be harvesting very soon. overall i am very pleased with the grow. plants have very nice colas, resin and smell. im flushing now and ill let you know how it taste.
  6. i use cutting edge.bout to harvest seccond crop shit rules.

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