Cutting Down on MJ - #RespectParents

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    Long story short, My parents busted me smoking pot and they are not happy at all. They told me that its stressing them out, and they are not having a good relationship with me anymore.. awkward talking to my dad mostly. I have been smoking weed for about year now, and I'm on my senior year of High school. I been smoking it everyday, and during summer I was living stonner life. Pack Bong 3-5 times a day, sessions lasting 10-60 minutes.
    When I got busted I lost,
    - 1 Bong
    - .5g Hash about 25$ - 30$
    - 260$ worth weed
    - Lighter or Two 
    - Grinder
    - In total over $400 into the trash
    FYI: I have been a pot head, but my tolerance is low a fuck. I am happy that it's naturally low, it comes handy in times like this.
    FYI: I picked up a dub of 1.7G of dank, lasted me 12 days using it everyday, multiple times. 
    I have decided to respect them by compromising and that is by,
    1. Cutting down to smoking once or twice a week MAXIMUM *Unless public holidays, like in a month we have a week off from school for thanks giving. 
    2. Pick up only Dimes (1g) to minimize smell 
    3. Only smoke at NIGHT 
    If wondering how cutting back will help if my parents dont me to smoke pot at all.. this is why
    - They only noticed smell after I smoke it everyday for week, other than that I can hide the smell using a sploof that has straw to it.. so that smell directly goes out window.. Smart :) 
    I am not a "lazy" pot head, I been teaching my self software programming since age 11 and I have also noticed smoking pot did make me program less, but I always keep my grades in check! The reason I cant quit pot completely its because it has done good things for me, but its not worth losing relationship with parents. 
    What do you guys think? Give my parents a break and less stress makes me happy, its a bonus if I at list get to take one or two hits in a week. In 10.5 months it's college, I pick up my everyday smoking then, for now... CUT BACK time. 

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    I also miss the old days when I used to look forward to Friday or the day one of my friends had weed. It does not feel the same smoking pot when U know your parents are mad at you, its better to toke once or twice a week and everyone is happy. 
  3. So they threw all your stuff away?
    Yea it's sad and true. But I somewhat feel fine knowing I felt worse about my parents getting mad at me THAN losing my pot and bong (i miss bong tho). 
    So to respect them I keep it on the low, after I turn 18 they said they will respect my pot smoking. For now I think they are afraid I wont graduate high school or will end up doing harder drugs like heroin and crack.. never meet person who does any of that shit, plus I researched pot for 4 months before taking a toke.
  5. Did you pay for the stuff with your own money?
  6. It was all my money, allot was lost but things are getting better now. Dad helping me apply college, my mom still does what she does.. Life getting back to "normal", but I DECIDED to only toke 2 days a week, Sat and Sunday. 
    I picked those two days because I dont have work or much to do, on week days I get home at 3, sleep at 9. So I take that time up coding / playing video games instead of pot. Its senior year so no school work really, lowest grade have is C, and 2nd lowest is B and others B+ / A's 

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