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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by waterhurley, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. i just picked up 1/4 of some VERY GOOD coke. its almost too strong. id like to cut it down a bit. what substances to ppl cut with usually?

    im not looking to turn good shit into crap, but i would like to tone it down a hair. this stuff tested 90% pure.
  2. dont cut it... that just makes comedown worse and eveything worse... JUST BUMP LESS.... dont cut good coke!
  3. That shit probly cuts like budder.
    yeah dont cut it it will just give you a clogged nose.
    just do smaller lines.
  4. take bumps not full lines

    this gets you more geeked than people think

    big huge gators is just kinda wasteful

    but as fo 90% pure :laughing::rolleyes:
  5. Send some to me and Ill give you some baking soda in return.
  6. I don't do coke... but that sounds like an odd idea.......

    I would think it would be like with really good weed... don't mix it with filler....just smoke les....
  7. if it's personals, cutting it to make it less potent is just rediculous. the only reason people cut it is to maximize profits.. just hit little bumps, and be glad it's 90% pure.
  8. yeah heres the point....

    i am not gonna do 1/4oz of coke by myself. id like to cut half of it for others.

    yes my stash stayes uncut

    but WHAT should i cut it with
  9. now ur reasons for cutting it are bad and evil.. dont do it... keep good coke good.... dont ruin it...
  10. since nobody wants to fucking respond to your post i will.

    i dont know much about it, but i would say baking soda is probably the least harmful way of doing it.
  11. baby laxative is the best

    but really anything that doesnt burn to bad or taste like shit will work
  12. baby laxative is good for cuttin heroin

    you wanna cut it with inositol, you can get it at GNC, it has the consistency of coke, and also gives you a lil energy rush sniffing it so its the best cut IMO... its what i used, i'd cut the shit in half and people still thought it was damn near pure
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    Ya id say keep the good coke good even if your sellin it jsut bump the prices up

    especially if it's 90% pure you could make some serious money off that
  14. now why would u want to go do something like that?
  15. mannitol or something, i think.
  16. Mixing Upper's and Downer's is a no no.

    Or B12. The vitamin that is in laxative.
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