Cutting back

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RectusDominu, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. And so begins my second semester. For real, at least. The past week's been great, just syllabuses and bullshit. Actual work starts today. Five classes mondays, four on wednesdays, two on fridays, and labs on tues and fri. No classes thursdays though. So yeah I've been blazing at least around 7-10 g's per week, looking to cut down at least half. Haha. Wish me luck, GC :hello:
  2. that's quite the workload. what's your major?
  3. I'm thinking of neuroscience as a possiblity. Psych's another one I'm looking at. But yeah, it's weird not being high after an entire month of being high haha
  4. whoa!
    good luck with everything :D
  5. Neuroscience eh? Probably should cut back completely then, you're smoking your short-term memory away. It makes you forget how to spell things like "syllabi". :smoke:
  6. Haha thanks man. Hopefully I'll make it through with an OK grade
  7. DUDE! I knew something was wrong. Firefox said syllabi was wrong and syllabuses was right haha
  8. I think both spellings are in some dictionaries, but yes, 'syllabi' is the traditional spelling. Hahaha, but it does underline it as misspelled even right now. Grrr...
  9. Haha. Damn open source coders don't know English =P

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