Cutting back to get higher

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  1. Lately, i haven't been smoking as much as i used to. I mean, i still smoke a lot, but not NEARLY as much as before. Since school started, until about midway through summer, i smoked a good amount consistently throughout the day, but funds are drying up, my weed supply is running out, and i've cut back, mostly for economical reasons. I will say I like smoking once to twice a day, i have been getting quite a bit more blazed than usual haha. I've been tryin to keep it to a nice session at night, and hopefully by the time school starts, I'll be able to blaze whatever i feel. I love the weed paradox... its unlike any drug. Once you hit a certain point, you really have to smoke less to get higher. Marijuana has a crazy weird tolerance... im blazed:smoking:... more than usual... cuz usual has been less. woah
  2. I find smoking more than once a day to be wasteful in terms of high per dollar.
  3. Indeed.

    My tolerance and consumption fluctuate... right now its pretty high and im packing 4-5 hit bowls for myself, and im not getting really high. During periods where I smoke less often, and especially if I work on smoking less when I do smoke, I get to a point where 1-3 hits gets me very very high, which is nice.

    Training your tolerance to be used to small amounts is a great thing to do to your cannabis smoking experience.
  4. agreed. I found a Roor to be very useful in doing that lol. I got used to smoking a small bowl, and getting blazed. Smoked a blunt tonight and i am absolutely baked... its nice and nostalgic
  5. I hear ya man.. I've gone from smoking all day - everyday for a while now. Recently I cut back to maybe once during the day and once at night. Smoking at night feels great.. especially when you havent smoked that day. It's definitely the best thing ever.

    but damn weed and its tolerance rules.
  6. Well you can say it rules all you want, but it sure is a bummer that there even is one. I'd be plenty happy if that tolerance never built because you system didn't understand it, and you got high like you did the first five times forever.

    Anyway, I understand exactly what you mean though, when I smoke several times in a day, perhaps an hour or so after the last time, I question myself as to why I am smoking, and if it is not the smoking part that I am actually addicted to doing. Sort of like living in the high, and coming down is either not an option, or no longer a feeling.

    Meh, just my 2cents.
  7. Sounds good man.

    I have taken 4 months off and this sunday I am getting 2 ounces.

    I hope I get stoned as hell ha.

    I used to smoke daily with good smoke, so we shall see how it goes.
  8. I don't really want to waste my summer waiting during T-Breaks to get 'higher,' so what I found useful was alternating between different methods.
    Sometimes I like rolling J's, but when I get tired of that high, I bring out my RooR, &blunts are saved for special social occasions for me. I know I can turn to a blunt if I wanna get blooown.
  9. why'd this get moved? It isn;t a real life story, its about marijuana. And to be honest, it was kind of a revalation that made me feel like i was finally a seasoned toker. Damn, i pretty much made this thread cuz for the first time, i actually felt like a seasoned toker (even though i always though i was one prior). Damn i hate when GC gets super amped over deleting and moving threads, but w/e. getting blazed ftw

    oh, and its deffinitely not a real life story... its an observation about marijuana, THC, and the way tolerance works. DEFFINTIELY belongs in either recreational use or seasoned tokers
  10. Same thing happened to me when I went from blazing all day to only smoking once in a while. Right now I don't get a chance to smoke much at all. It's not so bad though, everytime I do smoke I get really high off of such a small amount. It's great. I just got a job today though, so when I get my first paycheck next week I'll be able to hopefully pick up a small sack and get high. A week after that I'll be getting a serious paycheck (more than a day or two) and I'll be able to get a decent amount. It's going to be nice to be able to smoke again, but I've learned some things about tolerance and such and now that I have more responsibilities with a job and living at home I won't have a chance to smoke as much.

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