Cutting a plant down early.

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  1. I have a plant which is about 3.5months old from clone. It has been in 12/12 for 48 days. According to various seedbanks, it has a flowering time of about 55-60 days.

    It would be really useful if I could vacate the grow space a bit sooner than originally anticipated, so I am considering a slightly early harvest, but only if it is not going to hit yield/quality too hard. Here are some pictures of the plant, I tried to capture where it was looking the least mature.

    Advice on whether to just wait it out, or start drying would be appreciated. I can get more pictures if need be.

    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png
  2. Looks pretty damn ready to me! I'm still on first grow and not at that stage yet, but from looking though a million posts on here - that looks good.
  3. Yeah - looks really good. Nice n' frosty.
    What's your cloudy/amber trichomes ratio looking like?
    Don't short change your quality by harvesting those beauties too soon.
    You seem to be really really close.
    Great job.
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  4. Some parts of the plant are different to others. The pictures above are from the sites that look the least mature(based on white pistils). The more mature parts of the plant are probably about 1:8 amber. Lower down, where it is less mature, have very milky trichromes, but little amber.

    Short changing myself is exactly what I'm afraid of. I'd hate to harvest too early, but I really do need to vacate the growspace asap.
  5. Can you wait a week? 5 days?
    They are really close.
    Even if you harvested tomorrow, you'd still have some decent stash.
    Readiness can come quickly at this stage, so if you can, try to wait 'til peak ripeness.
  6. I can wait as long as I need to. It would just be better if I didn't. I got started a little later than planned, this was supposed to be finished a month ago. I have an angry missus eyeballing me every morning wanting to know when the stink will be over, so she can start having visitors again, and use the storage cupboard for actual storage. I have been "just a couple more days" for a few weeks now.

    If it really is going to affect quality/quantity that much, I can justify annoying her for another week or so.
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