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  1. Hey guys, Im a first time plant grower and my outdoor plant is in about the 4th week of flowering. The weather is startin to change and im afraid that im not gonna be able to keep it in the ground much longer before it starts to frost heavily...I've been thinking about transplanting the plant from its' spot now into a 10 gallon container with fresh soil and move it into my house...

    My question to anybody thats willing to help me out is...Will the plant be able to survive and take the shock of being transplanted so that it can survive and carry out the rest of the 8 to 10 week flowering period??? Is it worth risking or are there any other methods that i could possibly attempt????
  2. It will probably stress the plant some when you dig it out. Of course the more careful you are, the better the chances are that it will survive.

    I live in the tropics, so I don't have any experience with cold winters so you're much better equipped to decide if the plant can survive the temps outside. You might try rigging a frame around and over the plant and wrapping it in plastic. you can also put garbage bags filled with water all around the plant to capture and retain the heat overnight. I know of several gardeners (tomato) who extend the growing season using a "wall of water" and plastic cold frames...but I'm just grasping at straws.
  3. That's not a bad idea...in regards to the water bags...just for clarification, do u mean around the perimeter with the water bags?

    Yea, im from Pa, We are predicted to have our first frost within the next 2 to 2 1/2 weeks so im stressin pretty heavy on whether i should let it be and wait or just dig it up and transplant it.

    Really tryin to make this work...just threw the seed in the ground and it sprouted! turned out to be female by luck and now it is over 6 ft tall and B-E-A-UTIFUL...tryin to enjoy the fruits of my labor...Ya know!:)
  4. damndude that is some good luck youve had. id say you could transplant it, but do you have room for a 6 foot plant in yourhouse?
  5. Yea dude i lucked out big time...i'm gonna have no seeds whatsoever...it's pretty nice

    The sweet thing is i have plenty of room to move it into my house i just don't want to mess the transplant up and kill it after all this amazement!!!haha
  6. i think the transplant is your only option then...frost will definitely ruin it (id imagine)...let usk now how it goes.
  7. Yes, the water bags will act as thermal mass storage devices, absorbing the heat during the day and releasing it at night. Hopefully enough to keep the plants from freezing when the temps drop and frost sets in. I suspect (hope) that combined with a good windbreak and cover, you should be able to withstand temps down to a hard freeze. (?) The first frost shouldn't be cold enough to kill your plants if they're a little bit protected.

    Digging up a plant will definitely damage some of the roots...it's a toss-up to decide which would be more harmful.



  9. I def will...hopefully she turns out AMAZING...i'lll keep u guys posted
    Should have some pics up soon

    Thanx for the help and advice!!!!

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