Cuts before flowering??

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  1. whats up... how yall doin...

    well heres my question...

    im wondering if it is possible to take cuttings from flowering stage as soon as you know that they are female?

    Im gonna be ending the veg stage in about two days and beginning the flowering stage... i want to be sure of female cuttings because im short on space...

    can yall help me out??

  2. You would normally take a clone off the plant long before now and flower the clone to see if it is male or female, than you arent wasting nutes on growing a boy to manhood if the clone turns up male, if it is female than just continue without any shock to the plant, that is the best way to determine the sex.

    Now for you I would take clones right now and keep em in the veg chamber if all goes well your "big" plant will show sex about the same time your clones start rooting and reverting back to veg cycle. If you got a girl keep the clones and maybe one also for a momma and continue, if you got a boy toss the whole mess.

    Hope this helps
  3. hmm... well ok... i understand... the thing is... i want to obtain clones from plants i already know are female, so i can keep those clones for later.

    What im trying to say... is that once i start flowering, and find out which ones are female, can i obtain clones from those female plants even in the flowering stage?

    ... since i heard somewhere that one cannot obtain clones in the flowering stage...

    ... heres my thought process... ill flower all the plants, then they will show which ones are male and female, then ill toss the males and obtain clones from those of which are female... therefore conserving space in stead of obtaining clones from so many plants...

    i hope this clarifies my situation... because i knew that i could have obtained clones during the veg stage and flowered those clones to find out which are female, but i could not because i hardly have any room either in my box or elsewhere or the money/supplies to do so...

    thank you for your feedback hoping to hear from you... i find your way to be easier 420... but i just wanna know if i can...

  4. Well, if you havent ended Veg yet then take a cutting now, clone it and Flower the clone.
  5. i would but i cant flower the clones... dont have enuff room... boo... nor do i have a seperate chamber... oh well...

  6. Get a cardboard toilet paper tube, and poke some pin holes in it and make a light trap, make it light tight with some tape and dark cloth. Place the tube over a branch on your plant, if you made it right you can use this device to only flower that branch on your plant or you can put it over your clone to give it the extra dark hours while your big one is still vegging.

    Understand the concept?

    Good luck, and let me know how it works out for you if you decide to do it.
  7. Super cropping yea ya can upto like 20 days into flowering I think

    My best ideas are created in the presence of weed 🍁
    Shit I gotta start looking at dates

    My best ideas are created in the presence of weed 🍁
  8. how do you even find a post that's nine years old lol
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  10. He actually uses the search button instead of making another thread.....well done
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  12. Taking clones after 12/12 is counterproductive if you want to propagate it for any length of time.
    Once a plant has triggered flowering hormone production, it can never get back to the state it was before any of those hormones were triggered. Yes, it will reveg, but it will never have the same vigor.

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