Cutomise my LED Spectrum

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  1. Hello GC

    I have been speaking to a manufacturer of LED lights and am looking to do a research grow on 1/2 plants probably a scrog with one of these:

    135w UFO (3w diodes)
    77% 630nm(70)+660nm(7)
    10% blue 470nm
    7% orange 615nm
    3% 4500k white
    3% Ir+UVB

    the manufacturer has said i can change these percentages to whatever i want, my question is, is the orange really necessary as i thought the 630nm red would cover that range and would it be beneficial to reduce the amount of red and implement some 'ultra-blue' 430nm and increase the 470nm aswell, for a light i could use through veg and flower? Please help as i need to contact the manufacturer soon to get it at trade price . Ill probably put the journal up on here as it is a purely research project and everyone can benefit from furthering our knowledge of led lights and the right combo of spectrums to use. \t\t

    Thanks in advance for all of your help :D
  2. does anyone wanna help lol its for everyones benefit in the long run :D
  3. This is the specs I use for my LED it works wonders for me.

    Output - Blue 430nm~470nm, Red 620nm~670nm & Full Spectrum White

    I do wish I had Orange tho

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