Cutings In Stasis (How to Keep Cuttings For 3 Months)

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    Have you ever wished you could take some cuttings off your outdoor plants? But had no place to grow them yet. Or ever wanted to try to save your strain for the next year?

    You can take cuttings from your plants and put them in a container in the fridge. These pics are from many years ago. I have since put them in large zip-loc baggies in the fridge. The cutting will store for 12 weeks before thay start losing there color. I have rooted clones that were in stasis for up to 12 weeks. I do this method on indoor grows for no need for mother plant. To stay legal I can only have 6 plants. This way I do not waste a plant on a mother. You can also save some males in stasis for later use as well.

    I will also take cuttings right before before the plant starts to flower. I can store those cuttings until harvest is over and I am ready to deal with them. I then add a few cuttings to a very small floro box. I grow in the box for 4 months topping the plant like crazy. When spring starts I can put it in a mini greenhouse. Then take cuttings and have saved the strain from year to year with little work.

    These pics were taken at week 11. You can see them starting to dry up. when in bags they last longer. I have never tried past 12 weeks though. I am sure it can be done though.

    I never grow outdoor plants or cuttings in an indoor grow. Start from seed only when you start your room. To many bugs to even consider chancing it. Never get cuttings from friends for indoor grows. Thats my rule anyway.

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    You can also cuttings in my filter for over a month now. I keep cutting the roots off and just let them grow. I have other clones already going strong so this is just dinking around. I will try to see how long I can grow these in my filter. If they get any taller I can just cut and start all over again. I wonder if I can go thru the winter keeping cutting alive in a fish tank filter.

    As you can see by the photos the cutting have roots and are growing taller. The leafes are standing strait up. I just remocve them chop off all the roots ans stick back in. I am thinking they are feeding on the tank water.

    I run a 25w desk lamp 24/7 on them to keep them on steady lights and not my living lights. The fish tank water ph is 6.5 and it runs about 70 deg. You can grow year around this way.

    I also do all my rooting in fish tank filter. I can cut to root in 8 days. From cut to soil in 10 days with 100% rate with zero color loss. No wilting leafs in the process. There is no better way to root cuttimgs peroid. I have a bunch of side by side test showing the fish tank rooting is bar for the fastest and most healthy for the cuttings. There are many ways to root. But the tank method does it with little stress to the cutting. I will post pics if anyone cares to see the side by sides.

    again the point here is to save an outdoor strain from year to year in short growing season areas. If I can keep in stasis for 3 months. The grow in filter for 3 months. I am ready to go again.

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  3. Took some test cuttings. I am going to see if I can get 4 months in stasis.
  4. Thats some awesome info about stasis 5150! Shit amazes me!
  5. Never heard of such a thing but great to know if I ever want to.
  6. Indoor growers use the method to get rid of the mother plant. Legal growers are only get so many plants. So this method lets you flower another plant in it's place.

    Do some googling you see some info on it. Although I think my threads are the oldest. Could be wrong. I been doing this for many years. I have a very nice thread on it over at Growkind back in like 2003 or 2004 maybe.
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  7. Great info 5150! Damn you are full of an encyclopedia of information. I would of never thought you could freeze cuttings. Could I perhaps take some cuttings from my morning glory that just barely started to flower? Like a couple pistils on the lower nodes. I wish this could get stickied somewhere on here.

  8. Early in flower yes you can take cuttings. Nothing woody though. Also just fridge them. Do not freez.
  9. this thread is just what i was looking for :)
  10. me too.......thanx 5150.....
  11. Great tips!!thanks for gonna have to get me some fish!
  12. Yep. works great. Ive never gotten 12 weeks though. 8 is about as long as ive gone. maybe im doing something wrong.

    Ive gotten clones in the mail from cali and have sent clones to colo. They will live several days in a zip lock baggie packaged properly. Fed Ex
  13. So do you leave extra node to cut off so you have a fresh cut? In zip lock more info please
  14. Interesting. At what temp is your refer set at?

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