Cute Stoner Pets...

Discussion in 'Pets' started by MysteryMoogle, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. Cute kittie :) i have my cat's pics posted all over the place on this site, so i'm not gonna waste bandwidth, but just had to say your lil guy is the cutiest! I also love the name, fitting for a CAT. lol
  2. aw come on ganj!!! we wanna see another one..and dont forget to hold your kitty real close!! hehe..;)

    this is my pup..with an enlarged photoshop head..cutie eh?

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  3. this is one of my dogs elvis..ive got him stoned one time

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  4. like the quote under your name, super troopers, no?

  5. Yep. I'm surprised nobody used it first. :)

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