Cute Librarian?

Discussion in 'General' started by Loki the Wolf, May 13, 2006.

  1. You know how you hear about them but never actually see them?

    Well, I just met one, and she's really shy. I'm going to talk to her everyday and try to get her to smoke with me.

    /my new life goal

  2. hell yea, fine librarians are watsup... u can do it in the library ontop of the books but you cant be too loud....
  3. i'm doing that with this christian girl that leads the bible study at her church.

    oh yeah and i'm going to pop her cherry in the name of satan. she just doesn't know it yet.
  4. Librarians are madd fine, if you can get one to toke, GL and have fun wit it ;) haha..BUT most library people are nerds..not ALL of them lol.
  5. Br3ad rippin teh forums...
  6. I forget what movie it was but this guy found a cute librarian girl and started hitting on her and she eventually gave in, at first she looked nerdy but once he got her in the sack she was a FREAK....whips, chains, the whole nine yards. Fucking hilarious
  7. Librarians turn me on... fuck yeah bitches!
  8. itd be a whole lot easier to fuck her than it would be to smoke with her imo.
  9. anyone see the seinfeld when kramer hooked up with the librarian?

    thats whats up

    and with mr bookman... hahaha
  10. haha bingo.
  11. the movie you are refering to is TOMCATS... i have been lurking for the past 3 months and i just registered to answer this question...
  12. I don't know about that. One of my friends mom is a librarian and she used to be a wicked stoner (plus everything else...) back in the day, and it wouldn't suprise me if she still smoked now.
  13. look at the averages....most people look down upon pot...but how many people look down on sex. the chances are better for sex.
  14. ^^im just saying don't underestimate the librarians, they could be tokers too :smoking:

    also unless one of us is Wilt Chamberlain im pretty sure we've all smoked with more people than we've fucked...
  15. hahah i hear you, and im just saying that sex is a lot more worthy goal than getting high.
  16. true dat :hello:

    but i say go for the double play :bongin:
  17. Dude! that was Tomcats!!!

    that movie was funny

    Librarians can be hot, I've seen a few, but I'm too shy to pull the moves :p
  18. i love cute and shy girls.

  19. lol, do it for me son
  20. "Dude! that was Tomcats!!!

    that movie was funny"

    i just said that..

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