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Cute girl at the drive through

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by defcon, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. ok so im kinda shy but i have definitely noticed this cute blonde girl thats about my age that works there flirting with me, so as i said im shy and im not too sure how to approach this situation, its seems to me that i would seem kinda weird just being like hi, can i give you a call sometime or somethin probably lame like that that would come spilling out of my mouth, any one have any advice
  2. I want to get to know you and hope you will mouth bath my man stick will I toungue flick your girl cave...
  3. Strike up a conversation, flirt a little maybe. Then, if she seems interested, ask for her phone number. I bet it all goes much much smoother then you think.

  4. haha yes i think this is the best advice ;)

    thanks man that is helpful, whats a good conversation to have with a random person? im ruling out the classic, so how about that weather....
  5. ask her how she likes working there or somehting and keep it going. just do wut feels right

  6. ^^^^^^^This^^^^^^^^^^

    Good luck!!:D:smoke:
  7. that will probably work, i just need to nut up or shut up.
  8. Don't ask her about her job cause if she doesn't like it she will get depressed. That's kinda of weak imho. Say hi ,smile and then be like I had a dream about you last night and go from there. If she says what was it about then tell her that you want to tell her about it later if she wants to hang out after w.
  9. im trying to stay away from seeming weird killer lol thanks tho
  10. hahahahaa
  11. Order whatever you want and ask for a side of her number?
    Or just add and your number on the end.
    She can only say no dude.

  12. yeah its easier said than done, i kinda have a rejection phobia so ive always stuck with a sure thing, of course im exaggerating....
  13. Just be cool flirt with her and if anything changes about her appearance that she has control over then compl her. Then ask what's she's doing later, maybe ask her if she wants to go to your bbq. Get her a couple beers a little herb and she likes you already dw.
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    Ok, your conversation should go a little something like this:

    You: Hi
    Girl: Hi
    You: What's your favorite band?
    Girl: Metallica
    You: Let's have sex
    Girl: Ok

    Sorry I'm really stoned
  15. Ya know what I actually came up with? Ask her what she plans to do when the zombie infestation comes. At first she may stare at you blankly, this is expected as it's an unexpected question. Just fire back with a

    "ya know? the zombie infestation...Personally I plan to do this, this and this."

    You fill in the blanks obviously...but really that's a pretty good question to get to know somebody if they take it seriously...but you can make it fun(ny) too! Plus you don't come off right away that you like her, if you get what I'm saying;)

    The other odds are, she thinks you're creepy and you blame me for missing your chance to fuck her brains out. You take a chance in anything you try.

  16. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  17. Girl-Hi welcome to (name of restuarant) can i take you order.
    You-ugh yeeah can i get a number 6 a large fry and a medium drink.
    Girl-will that be all?
    you-ugh actually can i get your number with that.
    girl-might say yes er no or nothing at all. gives you total for food. plz pull up to the next window

    simple as that!
  18. Just be relaxed and cool possibly flirty then when you get the receipt say "there something wrong with this receipt"and when she is like huh just say your phone number isn't on it. Then call her an invite her to a bbq or something and just chill and get to know her.

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