Cute girl at pet shop?

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  1. Hey guys, I was just at a pet store with my mom and sister. There was only one worker there and it was a cute girl. We were only there for about 30 mins but in that time we talked to her about various animals.

    In that time I kind of started to admire her. But I was with my family and I don't know if you all are like me but that makes me nervous and shy.

    Since she's driving, and wanted to go...I can't go back. But I really want to try something here. What can I do? Calling the store I think would be a bit extreme...
  2. This probably sounds dumb but I just gotta!
  3. Go in alone one time, just as a customer and talk to her. Maybe you could get her number or something

  4. Like, I want to. But I have no idea her schedule. I feel my only chance is if I drive all the way there today or call, calling I think wouldn't work well.
  5. Either go in alone and talk to her like the above poster said, or give up and forget about it like me.

  6. You're not understanding me. Like, I would have if I were transporting myself around. But we're home now and about 40 minutes from that place. 40 minutes there and back is a long drive for something you're not sure of. Basically what I'm asking is how I can meet her again without knowing her name or schedule..
  7. I'm sure she loves animals since she works at a pet store, so here's what you do to impress her and get her number. Burst into the store wearing all black and a ski mask and start freeing all of the animals whilst screaming some crazy shit about how the abolishment of animal slavery is long overdue and you are their savior. Once you've released all of the animals or someone tries to subdue you, you run out of the store and come back every other day until you see that chick working there again. Approach her and hint at the fact you released all of the animals- she'll be so impressed she will give you her number in a heartbeat. DISCLAIMER: this is a joke. Mods be creeepppinnn.

    Good luck OP.
  8. Hmm that is quite the drive... My only other suggestion would be calling, and like you said, that could be weird.
  9. Well, you're never going to find out by not doing it, are you?

    Chances are if she works in a pet store, she has animals herself. If it were me, i'd inquire about buying a dog, ask questions; and see how things go from there...

    As for the schedule, why not go in the same time as you were there today? :confused_2:

  10. Maybe I'll do that and go the same day as well. I have to go back there anyway. :hello:
  11. Do you know her name? If you do its pretty easy you just call one day and ask if she will be working. This is not extreme if they ask why just say you would like to discuss something about your pet with her.
  12. go in to the pet stop, pick up one of the hamsters and tell her youll drop it if sshe doesnt give up her adress
  13. Go in and tell her your cat just died and you're looking for a new pussy.
  14. Go in and act like you want to apply for a job. That will give you an in to be more personal with her. Ask about working conditions, how she likes working there, in other words take it away from the customer level to a more personal one....
  15. You dont need to know her schedule OP.

    Just go back the exact same day and time you last went in with your family. Most establishments have consistent enough weekly employee schedules, you could bet on her being there next week.

    Then execute moozix's plan...should be a huge vigilante turn on for her.
  16. [quote name='"Full Melt"']Go in and tell her your cat just died and you're looking for a new pussy.[/quote]

    Omg this^
  17. Tell her about your animalistic instincts and your in-depth knowledge of pussies.

    It should get the ball rolling :D
  18. Tell her about your underground dog fighting operation
  19. Ok this is what you gotta do. Go back the same day you went with your mom, but obviously drive yourself, then talk to the bitch, get her number. It will be worth the 40 min drive.

    worst case scenario you get rejected and have an awkward few moments, best case scenario you get a date and a possibly a hot ass girlfriend.

    And even if you do get rejected just don't go back to the pet store again.
  20. Okay guys in at the pet shop. She's working like planned. Problem is there are
    Customers here and she is also working with a male employee. I'm not sure what to do :(

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