Cute date ideas?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by groovygal, May 24, 2017.

  1. What are cute date ideas for two stoners?
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  2. Do you live in a legal state?
  3. make some edibles together. Get high, watch a movie, then fuck each others brains out all night long
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  4. haha I was going to suggest going to a infused cooking lesson if in a legal state lol
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  5. Nope unfortunately :~(
  6. Well, if you have ample buds, there are great videos on how to cook with buds. Its changed a lot from just makin brownies ya know? Maybe make an infused dinner together? What are you guys into besides bud? You want something both will enjoy.. If you havent ever had like dabs or anything, you can make rosin really easily.. If you can catch a cool show like a touring Cirque du Soleil, that would be cool... Concerts are cheap and you can usually blaze freely :)
  7. All of those are awesome and sound like a lot of fun! :) thanks so much for the suggestions. And since you asked, we also like to watch movies, youtube videos, video games, listen to music, and go out to town and explore. Stuff like that too!
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  8. Nice! Sounds perfect! Another good one is getting blazed and tackle some of the old NES games! Since you like movies, look into getting KODI. Its a program you download on something you can hook to your T.V., then you can download a plug in for it called Exodus. All movies and TV shows on demand at any time. :) If you have any woods around, go out for a nature walk, blaze, and picnic with some wine or beers... Look for game reserves, they are usually massive with multiple pull off spots, so you can just park your car and run off in the woods without worry of being disturbed!
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  9. planetariums are cool too, especially blown out of your mind lol Zoo's are fun! I took my GF to the Zoo because neither one of us had been to once since we where teenagers.. It was a great time!
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  10. That sounds awesome! Going for a good hike and a good smoke seems amazingly fun! I haven't heard of Exodus, I'll definitely have to look into it for our toking trips out.
  11. That actually sounds like a lot of fun too!
  12. I checked your profile to see if you're in a rural or urban area.

    Since it's urban, I'll toss out ideas that apply to Chicago and hopefully they work in DC too. I try to be less traditional on dates.

    1. Indoor Skydiving
    2. Play/Production at one of the local Theaters
    3. Outdoorsy Hiking Day (Bonus because you can chief whenever)
    3.5. Plant a tree together.
    4. Take a fun class together. Cooking, dancing, gardening, etc.
    5. Someone already mentioned planetarium but another museum would work - Aquarium, Art Museum, Cultural Museum, etc.
    6. Some sort of boat ride.... BECAUSE OF THE IMPLICATION. (sorry, just saw the Always Sunny thread and I'm still a bit in that mode.)
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  13. I love it. Except indoor skydiving is something I don't believe DC is blessed with o.o sounds rad as hell though.
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  14. Get high and watch some Trailer Park Boys!
  15. Clear summer night, cute little romantic meal (at home or go out) then take a drive out to the country, back of a pickup full of blankets and pillows, if not a pickup, just on the floor, smoke up and watch a meteor shower (you can find out when one will be visible on the internet) did this with my GF and she absolutely loved it
  16. Jesus, I want to be living where you're living where you can casually take a drive out to see a meteor shower, I'm sure she did! That sounds lovely as hell!
  17. take a look on google for when the meteor showers can be seen where you are, or somewhere near you (preferably low light pollution) that's how i came up with the idea :) i'm pretty sure you can see at least one no matter where you are

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