Cute and disturbing?

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    [ame=""]WTF!?! Parenting Fail: Kid Has At Least 5 Different Types Of Rabies![/ame]

    Fail for the parents.
  2. Future advocate for PETA right there.
  3. A+ video. Will fap again.
  4. Stop calling me squirrel girl!
  5. I hate parents who video tape there kids and put it on the internet enough as it is. Way to neglect your parenting duties for personal attention.
  6. As he zooms in on her boobs real quick...
  7. That's soo adorable!
  8. I like the way she says squirrel.

    I don't let my kid touch dead bugs, let alone dead mammals...That's disgusting.

    And yes, this is creepy as hell.
  9. Cute and funny. But i dont 5 types a rabies? wtf thats a horribly titled video.

    I dont really think the parents failed there. I mean, he is making her take a bath right after and its not like she ate it or got bit by it.

  10. The title doesn't make any sense even if proper grammar is incorporated.

    There's only two types of rabies... furious rabies and paralytic rabies.

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