Cut the Propaganda. Georgia bombed its own cities!

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  2. South Ossetian is a Georgian province. It would be like the residents of Wyoming claiming to be ethnic Canadians and getting Canadian pass ports. And trying to break away to form a separate Canadian leaning country. You don't think the U.S. might have something to say about that?
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  4. Isn't this being debated in another thread already?
  5. Yes it is, people are losing the debate though. Like you said.......South Ossetia is part of and owned by Georgia. Russia is crossing the line. It would be like a state in the union having a separatist movement and Russia stepping in to protect them from our government.

    No one in the world sees South Ossetia as anything other than a part of Georgia. The indepedence they claimed in 91 was to deaf ears in the world. They are recognized as part of Georgia, Russia is trying to be a bully and they are using the separatist movement there as an excuse to invade.

  6. You are losing the debate, because you don't make any sense. Just because South Ossetia is "part of and owned by Georgia" doesn't mean they should be.

    And you constantly neglect to mention the agreed upon ceasefire that Georgia broke by slaughtering South Ossetians.

    They are an ethnic group that was captured by Russia in the 1800s, and then taken by Georgia with the break up of the soviet. They were not the Georgians to be given, as the Ossetians clearly saw the fall of the Soviet as a chance to be free of external rule.

    The independence they claimed was met with deaf ears because Georgia is a puppet of the west, and South Ossetia occupies valuable resources.
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    you see what this is, this is men in South Ossetia dancing to the flag of South Ossetia in a poling station celibrating independence. These are people being patriotic to what they know, what they know is that there couthry that they live in and love. Georgia came in and said no, you face allegence to me. Now does Russia seem as evil for what they did?

    I think Judas needs to watch terminal with tom hanks and decide who the real enemy should be...
  8. The majority of media in this country in liberalized. I think that who's right and wrong shouldn't be decided by movies, or one sided media bombardment.
  9. hahahah @ watching anything fox spews out....
  10. did you not see my post?
  11. So... because its a 12 year old.....its fact then beyond a reasonable doubt?

    I guess it could not possibly been "propaganda", i mean we all no the Russian government and Putin have such a high moral standards.

    Wheres all the fox news detractors?

  12. and haha @ anything any of the NBC networks spews out.

  13. HaHa, NBC=DNCTV.
  14. CNN is a nice in between place to get the news, even though they lean left.

  15. haha i've heard a few nicknames for them

    Clinton News Network

    Communist News Network.

    Didn't think of those myself.
  16. Russia was in the right for what they did...
  17. In all fairness, when compared to NBC, who could not possibly get any further to the left even if they named Al "the earth has a fever" Gore CEO, CNN does appear to only lean left.
  18. Fox news and MSNBC are like polar opposites, and they are always bickering about how the other one is spewing propaganda for the other side.

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