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Cut my hair

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Little Wing, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. Today I finally cut my hair. It was growing for over 2 years and was well below my shoulders. I just randomly decided to cut it real short. Its crazy how easily my head can turn, and how much peripheral vision I have.
  2. uhhhh.....great man
  3. dirty little shit u shoulda donated it to "locks of love" woulda been a lot better than just chopen n tossen

  4. Umm, it did get donated to locks of love. They cut off 12 inches in a pony tail, and then finished cutting my hair.

    Don't be so quick to make assumptions my friend.

  5. 'dirty little shit'

  6. in your face. j/k what is locks of love?
  7. They donate the hair to cancer patients cuz theyre bald.

    my hair is pretty long now. Not that long but longer than ive ever had it before. im too lazy to go to the hair place. plus most of it is under my hat anyhow
  8. Thats an awseome name...locks of love. I just got a shape up myself. Too bad my hair grows too damn fast. This white guy at my school got cornrows. He looked fucking awseome, better then some black kids I knew with cornrows. But, because I go to private school, the assistant principal made him undo it. Saying, "It would be same case as an African American gentleman dying his hair blonde." Such bullshit... I could go on and on how wrong that is...

  9. But youre in a private school, they can do whatever they want. I would never want to go to a private school
  10. well.atleast post a pic or something.. :rolleyes:
  11. gross. how can you guys grow your hair long? if its shaggy and sort of all around then thats ok but if the top part gets close to your neck thats just too much. I prefer to keep my hair short, its just un managable when it gets to a certain length.
  12. ive been growing my hair out for abit over 3 years now and it just over 22" long.. its slow growin, what can i say.. and im planning on donating to locks of love... but im gonna send in 36", so by the time i get it cut ill be sittin on it...

  13. my bad. :D

    and john who the hell would want your nappy hair... ive seen head shots of you... u look like John Meir.... lol.... just messen with ya bud :)

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