Cut back and veg longer (bigger root ball) or Flower now?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by mordgrow, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. I'm kind of in a bind, I've got some big plants that i grew from seed, or used to determine the sex of the plant i wanted to clone off of for my "grow" ive been just letting them veg while i figure out some things (like why my clones keep dieing)

    well now they are pretty big, and really crowding my space....

    Originaly i was going to shove these 3 plants in corners of the room and just let em do what ever while i set up a 4-8plantt SCROG, now I dont know what to do!

    about 5ft tall and 4ft across at the widest point for this plant

    This one grows verticaly so fast that i've had to chop it in half once, and today i cut 3 12" sections off the tallest stalks

    Here's the clone off the 1st one that told me it was a female.. its not that big yet, but its got mass potential..

    Here's the history of the grow:
  2. would 3" net pots work for SOG DWC style?

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