Cut All Ties?

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  1. I recently went to a bar with a guy I used to go to school with yearssss ago he explained to me that he recently got out of jail for a DUI and that he is now trying to start a new life etc...I had a few drinks and knew for a fact that I wasn't interested in pursuing anything with him other than one night of consensual sex. After the 1 night stand however he continued texting me everyday he's super persistent trying to hang out again....a month later we link back up to have a drink I think he is a fun person to kick it with however he randomly tells me that he has a 4 month old son that lives out of state I am even more uninterested than I was before should I just cut all ties with him with no warning or give him the common courtesy that I am not interested in hooking up again Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  2. Give him the common courtesyNot only is it the better thing to do but its probably way easier than forever trying to dodge him
  3. To me, it would seem rather bitchy/low if a chick didn't let me know what's up.

    If he's foolish he won't get the whole not replying to texts or dodging meet ups.

    Be straight up. It's far easier, IMO.
  4. He just got out of jail for a DUI and you guys are going to a bar. How is that changing his life?
  5. [quote name="Ingjr" post="19347223" timestamp="1389823041"]He just got out of jail for a DUI and you guys are going to a bar. How is that changing his life?[/quote] lol right....the irony Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  6. Just tell him, don't be a wuss.
  7. Tell him, don't just let him wonder. That destroys a man, especially if he cares about you.

    But definitely cut ties after you tell him
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    For the love of all things good and right please be direct with this guy.
    Tell him that you're not interested and tell him why. You've given me the impression that this guy may be a tad fragile. 

    Reality and truth can only help him. 
  9. Maaaan, let him know. No one likes being left in the dark, irregardless of who they are. It's just a shitty feeling.
  10. :confused_2:  He walked, took a cab, public transportation, etc??? :smoke:
  11. Tell him the truth or he'll hate woman.
  12. lol, he got outta jail for a DUI, hits the bar and has a 4 month old son that he doesnt seem to want anything to do with, yeah you snagged a real winner there. 
    First of all, who the fuck goes to jail for a DUI? Dumb fucking people, thats who. 
  13. You made it clear you didn't want a relationship right (if not do so, do it nicely, and disregard everything else I'm about to say)? If so he's crossing a line. You need to be straight up and tell him that if he doesn't stop disrespecting your wishes to not be in a relationship with him, you're not going to hang out with him anymore.
    Sometimes you've got to be clear, and a little cold. For some reason a lot of people, men especially, act like you owe them something just because they're interested in you. Fucked up, I know. But you've got to make a stand if you want it to stop.

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