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  1. why does it seem to be a major drama to get buy customs in australia getting seeds when the usa seem do it with ease from what im reading on forums fuck me the japs get through our waters taking whales fish etc an we have such trouble getting a few seeds wtf is going on are the seed companys even trying to make sure with there packaging methods,an these so called reputable banks that ask only cash sent then deny receiving it when we know that payments left our shores an landed in uk i personally cant stand a thief,this is costing the ordinary man $ and a headache ,where i come from a thief would be severly punished they would leave the bank industry 4 good or buck up,some people better hope we never get to travelling there way regardless to who they think they pissed off out of pocket.
  2. Because the US sucks dick at everything.
  3. Wtf does him not being able to get seeds in australia have to do with the US. :confused:
  4. LOL. I guess Texas is part of Austrailia now, cuz I sure as hell cant get crap! :rolleyes:
  5. So are you complaining about seed banks not coming through on their promise to send seeds after they received cash, or are you complaining about australian customs being too strict? If it's the former, use a reputable seed bank (attitude, high grade seeds, nirvana) and this shouldn't be a problem, or just use a cc so they can't tell you they didn't get the momey. If it's the latter, well then mate there's just not much we can do about it. :cool:

    Also, the use of periods helps...
  6. READ:rolleyes:
  7. cool mate,yes the seed banks ,some deny they receive cash,one bank i know for fact had to off for customs thats my other point there little tiny will be interesting soon as you just said cc thats what i did an so far so good,atleast they sent confirmation order is on the go,time will tell
  8. yeah lol they dont call australia little america for nothing,i know its been done here ,seed banks need to stop taking shit,do what there paid to do
  9. I know Highgrade Seeds seed bank guarantees all their orders WORLDWIDE including Australia! Here's their DELIVERY GUARANTEE: Marijuana Seeds - Highest Quality Marijuana Seeds Online
  10. cool man ,appreciate the info,............................................hey an the doc ,attitude,mandala,they dont send my way man,bc seeds looking good ,confirmed order in 8days damn quick...........................another site cannabis bud beans he seems to be up to scratch both sites have been true to there word thus far
  11. seedboutique is the best if you want to make sure you receive it in america.
    if not email them your confiscation letter and get a new package.
  12. thanks 4 the tip,il take a shot then mate.thats some serious honest customer service,real cool

  13. Do some research on BC Seeds before you order from them. I have seen a lot of bad reports on here about them. You should go with the company CaliGrower suggested. No worries at all with them. I have never read 1 bad complaint on here about them.

    Just my 2 cents, worth a penny,,,,,,
  14. cool man,your 2cents could be worth a ton. yeah its all about listening an learning,take it easy

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