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  1. My growlight arrived today but had already been opened by customs. :eek:

    Do you think they would have informed the cops? I havent done anything illegal so would the police be allowed to get a warrant?
  2. hahaha ur fucked man
  3. just fucking with u their just lights man
  4. That's just rude, don't listen to that guy.

    It really depends on which state/country you live in and how repressive and probing its laws are. It may be enough to procure a warrant if the police department in question is ok with infringing on the 4th Amendment. However, in the future have anything you purchase shipped to another address.
  5. No they will not get a warrant based off of a light.

    Customs randomly searches packages. Yours was probably such a search.

    If the police receive a warrant based off of a LIGHT, then the judge signing it is an idiot and a good lawyer would probably get all charges against you dropped since that is HARDLY enough cause for stripping you of your 4th amendment.

    I'd relax.
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    A light?? Surely that means ZILCH.
    But as all you Americans are panicking over a fucking LIGHT, fretting over warrants and total shit like probable cause, I am just SOOO... glad that I do NOT live in the land of the not so free.
  7. Lights are not illegal. They would have to prove intent such as getting a subpoena for your ip address after posting pics of your grow on a forum such as this. This is the reason why I would recommend using a proxy server when you post incriminating photographs on a forum such as this.

    Went on a tangent there, but to answer your question, no having a light shipped to you is not enough probable cause for a warrant and any lawyer worth his salt would have the case dismissed.
  8. This would not hold up. Ever. That is one of the greatest myths of the internet.

    As anyone can spoof an IP even the IP would not hold up.

    Also, they would have to subpoena the website to get your IP as posting the messages/hosting the pictures, and guess where this website is owned? Noord-holland\t\t\t - Amsterdam.

    Guess how much they would love to bow to an American system trying to get this kind of information from them? Probably not never. :hello:

    Appreciate that SOME places are MORE free than America in many aspects of life, and this is one of them. I highly doubt that the website this guy is registered to in Amsterdam is begging to assist the US is busting someone doing something they know is free and legal.

    Not to go off on a tangent, just think realistically.
  9. I know, but it's hard not to be paranoid sometimes. Better to be safe than sorry, if you know what I mean.
  10. Sounds like you've been dating a girl named Mary. :p:D lol

  11. There are so many violations of peoples civil rights every day in the US that if you live there it would be unwise to not be paranoid (to a degree).

    The citizens of the US do not have the same safety of going to a store to buy seeds (which is ridiculous, seeds hurt no one). Just doing simple things like shipping to other addresses, using a different IP address, etc. are almost necessary to stay safe. The long incarceration times in many US states are enough to push people to these extremes of paranoia.

    Question: What happens in Spain if someone has a few plants for personal use? I understand that it is relatively ignored and acceptable by law enforcement?
  12. Yes, Totoro, in Spain you can grow for your own use, and materials specifically marketed for cannabis production are legal. Here are my BioCanna ferts:


    Imagine them on a garden centre shelf in the US!!
  13. We are envious.
  14. In the US they should never be able to obtain a warrant for having anything thats legal to posess. The basis of their warrant would be "he's gonna use this legal item to break the law" with no evidence of you breaking the law. If this were the case, they could get a warrant for just about anything you buy! Think about it, what items can you buy that you couldn't manage to break the law with? It is hard not to freak out a little on that one though man... I dont blame you.
  15. Its just a right pain in the ass! Im too scraed to start my grow incase i get a knock at the door in a few months time when my ladies are in full bloom!

    I think i will have to leave it 3 months until the dust (not that there is any anyway cuase im innocent!) settles
  16. Dont worry man. For real. They really cant do anything about lights. If it weren't ok to have the lights, they would've confiscated them and sent you a letter... like they do with seeds. If you had lights and seeds in a box, you wouldn't have either right now, but you aren't breaking any laws having a grow light. Stick to the basics... keep your mouth shut and stop the smell from your grow and you'll be just fine.
  17. Cheers dude, im sure it will be fine. Ive got a carbon filter and ventilation and wont be telling a soul!

    Just a shame i spent loads of cash doing it all properly then get a problem at the final hurdle.

    I might ring the delivery company/customs and ask why they opened it in the first place and why i havent had a note to explain why they opened it!! It would be funny to hear their excuse and i can claim to be a indoor vegetable grower during the winter months

  18. Do NOT do that. Just ignore it completely, let it be a random check and nothing more. You start sniffing around is when they decide to be pricks and start some shit.

    Just imagine it never happened, that's the best thing you can do for yourself and your paranoia.

  19. He's right. No news is good news. If you go looking for info. on a package that went through customs, you may draw more suspicion than if you do nothing. :wave:
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