Customs Seized My Bong

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  1. Bought a nice bong for a friend as a gift on cinco de mayo on the grasscity website and kept checking the tracking information and i was like WTF?, so my friend in New Zealand gets a seizure letter a month after it was shipped and our friendship is ruined because of this whole situation. I contacted Grasscity and they said the wont refund the shipping or the price of the bong and im very upset. I thought Grasscity was a legit company but after this i will never buy anything from grasscity again. Also a big F-U to the customs in New Zealand
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    It's not really Grasscity's fault that customs seized it..
    EDIT: I'm sure if you look around you can find their policy on this. Something to check next time I suppose.
  3. Why would GC guarantee delivery to a Country that can't import bongs? You bought it at your own risk.
    Why would your friendship be ruined? :smoke:
  4. It's not grasscitys fault the bong got seized.  You should have checked the laws out in New Zealand before sending anything there.
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    I would very much like this question answered.
  6. same and as others have said its not grass citys fault
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    From what I understand, because they are in the midst of a new 'Reefer Madness' craze over there, New Zealand somewhat recently made it illegal to purchase or import bongs and even some 'tobacco purposes water pipes', although they sometimes do slip in through customs when ordered at the customer or buyer's risk...
     But more importantly, aside that you didn't take into consideration the laws of the destination country, you were also sending it to another preson's address (and from the sounds of it) without letting your friend know in advance that you were sending something of that nature to his home address.
     That can easily make a toker upset, if he's made a point to avoid certain contact with authority figures concerning his cannabis use. Many smokers go out of their ways to deprive themselves of certain things if they don't feel comfortable ordering online, or if they make specific precautions when doing so, and in one fell swoop, whether or not it's true, your friend may now feel like the customs or other agents are keeping an eye on him.
    It's unfortunate that you didn't know better and it's an honest, or at least not an all too uncommon mistake, but that's really a mistake on your part... not the website you ordered from.
     If he did know you were sending it in advance, then you're off the hook for the most part... He should be willing to accept his fair share of the burden for the mistake, considering it's his own country. Not only should he be keeping up on the local customs laws and procedures, but he needs to be willing to accept that, through no fault of yours, he may miss out on his gift/purchase due to those laws and procedures.
     It's not something to knowingly ruin a friendship over; I'm sure the original plan and agreement wasn't, "Oh, you're thinking about sending me a bong, sweet! If it gets here, we're cool, but if it doesn't our friendship is TOAST." :p
  8. Thanks man i agree with ya, she did know i was sending it to her ahead of time. I did make a mistake and its time to move on.
  9. Its a long story but i liked her and it didnt work out and we havent talked for a week
  10. youre an idoott if youre going toship a bong you need go online and print out a bullshit order form from amazon or something and throw it in the package and take out all the grasscity receipts and shit so when they open it they see the receipt for the vase and technically they cant seize it 5 stars for being stupid enou for thinking u can just ship a bong . and a
  11. How do you even English?
  12. You just made me laugh so hard, I just wanted you to know that
  13. Haha thanks man, I'm glad someone appreciated it. Spreading laughter is what I like to do.
  14. its funny because NZ is supposed to be the "freest country in the world"
    yet they hate weed... fuck is up with that
    freedom is so subjective

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