Custom Willet Whiskey Bottle Bong

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  1. So I decided to go ahead and make a custom little peice. Its made out of a 750 mL willett bourbon bottle. Diffused down stem and bowl. Just took a glass cuttting Bit and made a hole in the side. Its not too fancy but looks cool haha. Heres a few pics...let me know what yall think!
  2. pics arent working
  3. pics ftw?
  4. Here are the pics!:bongin:

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  5. Looks very functional and drag shouldn't be bad at all. Milk?
  6. That's awesome dude! nice work that's really unique, definitely looks one of a kind :smoke:
  7. Definatly is a one of a kind. Milk would be verrry nice!
  8. Thanks yall, Theres no drag what so ever and hits better than any piece ive hit from a shop. Ill see if I can get a milk shot up tomorrow. Deffinatly worth the effort!
  9. Alright my fellow blades, yall ask and shall recieve! Milkshots!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Homemade willet waterpipe[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - willet water pipe[/ame]

    I named it william, similar to name of the liquor and its a classy bottle....sounds classy. Hits amazing. Im super baked :smoking:
  10. That is really sick. Nice work.

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