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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by blackbur, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. No cars..No actual talking about Vaporizer whips..Has anyone bought or commissioned for any custom whips?
    Im debating about having a custom whip/mouthpiece made.

    Please post some pics of your custom or altered whips/wands..or some whips/wand that you've seen:hello:
    (yeah i understand whips and wands are basically the same thing i just didn't want to throw anybody off.
  2. I haven't seen any custom whips before, but I've found this custom steamroller made for a whip to attach to it!:hello:
    [ame=]YouTube - My Custom STEAMROLLER for the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer: Help me name it![/ame]

    I want one :bongin:
  3. i got a custom whip from silver surfer. they have the gong whips to. and i believe they take small requests
  4. Best whip I've ever seen...

  5. :eek:
    that whip is fucking awesome....
  6. that is ridiculous
  7. sick whip sinsemilla!!!!

    heres mine ;)
    [ame=]YouTube - JFGLASSWERX + White Flame = My current vapor set-up[/ame]

  8. Too funny. I gotta post this up at another site. Gonna plagiarize a bit here. Hope ya don't mind.
  9. Not at all... though I think the humor is zooming over my head. That's not my whip btw. It's still on display in 42 as far as I know. Maybe one day...
  10. Sorry. No, the humor in it was my smile after seeing it. It's an awesome piece but the caricature is kinda funny in a cartoonist kind of way. Nicest looking wand I have ever seen.
  11. Wow Dawson, i'm really digging the octopus eye on the mouthpiece.

    sinsemillaplease, that piece is so beautiful yet so odd..and the mouthpiece is almost drool inspiring pretty sure thats a couple hundred bones over my head.

    btw thanks for the pics..keep em coming guys!:wave:
  12. Glad you like it man, would love to post more pics but that all i have at the moment, possibly more in the near future tho;) ive been bitten by the glass bug
  13. is that a salt whip... :eek:
  14. No its JF Glasswerx.

  15. yeah i've seen the vapor roller..i guess thats the term..

    yeah i checked SSV's site and saw the whips they had and the little order form at the bottem, thats pretty neat but the price is kinda up stiff. As for this thread i was trying to find some work down by artist outside of vaporizer the work above. Custom Custom work.
  16. Damn that Zach P whip is soooo sick!!!!! :hello::hello:
  17. How much do those sick whips run for?
    I'm inspired to buy one ;)
  18. Depends on the artist.. I've heard of pieces being $110+ so thats a good start lol.
  19. thanks sinsemilla, It is definitely JFGLASSWERX, a Canadian blower;)

    The price on that would be around $200+, not many custom whips around.... i would love to see more:hello:

  20. O_O..
    i saw a post earlier this week of a guy trying to decided bewteen two custom whips at a vb tent at a fest or something those were the prices..110.
    guess i was a little off.

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