Custom Vinyl Decals For the Glass Piece

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    Would anyone here be interested in vinyl decals to go on that magical piece of glass or vape.

    well if you have some ideas let me know i can cut most anything.

    Here are a few i can do But not limited to


  2. I was just thinking about ideas for stickers to put on my bong
  3. are those the stencil like stickers that go on cars? i assume they're made for glass, huh? do you have an example one what one looks like on a tube or something? if done right, i'd be interested.
  4. They are cut from sheets of vinyl let me make a quick one and take some pics
  5. Added examples
  6. if you can print this, we'll talk haha
  7. ill see what i can do
  8. its a good idea, but I dont see why someone wouldn't just get widely available decals that are made for glass and use those.
    Reminds me of k-clips, when theyre sold for bongs, sold for much more, than at chemistry shops where theyre super cheap
  9. Well basicly i can make them and i am open to custom ideas not just preset ones that they sell. and i am fair priced not trying to make millions just want to help people out.
  10. Why would you buy a custom piece when you can buy a widely available one? Hes just offering his services for added art on your piece. Besides, I'd always rather support an artist than a company.

    Keep it up friend, would love to see some more of your work.
  11. I would like a george bush one for each of my bongs and my bubbler. that would be 3 total. should i send you my address so you can send them over. i'm assuming that no payment will be required because you are not allowed to use the forums for business purposes or any other transaction. Thanks so much I can't wait.
  12. I am just testing the waters here any transactions will take part on a diff site or over the phone.

    only wanting to know is the interest there.
  13. id really have to see it on a piece, you should send me a sample, idont even care of what, ill do a review and shit, see how it looks on glass, stays on glass, etc.
  14. Please choose 2 stickers above or post your idea and you pay shipping id be glad to get some over to you to review
  15. how much could shipping be? i figured they'd be small enough to fit in a standard stamp envelope.
  16. lets take this to pms
  17. so if any of you were interested, this guy was legit enough to send me a buttload of decals!

    i got a couple batman ones, some text i requested, and some other freebies. ive actually never used a decal so i messed one or two up before doing it right, but i got the uncle sam one and a couple of words on my bong. of course i checked to make sure decals come off of the glass clean but not easily. ill take some pictures later!

    but about the function, these look great and peel easily. they definitely look nice on glass, as long as you make sure you flatten it well and dont leave any bumps or anything. the only problem that i have with them, which is a pretty obvious concern, when i washed my bong the letters came off :(. they didnt really 'fall' off, i accidentally pushed one of them, but because of how long my bong had been cleaned under water, the decal easily came off... however that was on the base, so it got REALLY wet. the one i put on the actual tube is still in tact. the water did have a strange effect on the weaker/thinner parts of the decal though. it made them squiggly and one tiny part that wasnt attached to anything else came off. but its still pretty worth it. i dont know how much i would pay for this stuff, but if i saw something i really liked online/in a store i would buy it for my bong.

    so i guess, if you want some nice designs (and the guy does so custom stuff) on your bong, give it a shot. its not worked glass, but its a nice way to add some flare! and if you dont like it, you can always take it off. hope this helped. im not a very fluent writer, but i tried haha.
  18. As for the decals coming off this is due all you improper application all surfaces should be cleaned with iso and wiped completely dry before application.

    all decals should be squeegeed wita credit card or something similar to remove all air bubbles and get a good seal wait 1-2 mins then remove backing paper and it should be on there for 5-6 years no matter water or anything.

    so all problems reported are due to mishandling of the decal and in no way my or the decals fault.

    i will cut some any put them on my bong and get some pics later
  19. ^ that would have helped me, haha

    ill keep it in mind for the next application.
  20. If anyone has any custom ideas just hit me up here or pm me

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