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    Alright so Ive been working on this build over the past few weeks and im finally done with everything. Box is roughly W 22" x L 27" x H 26", picked it up as an "as-is" box at Ikea, and cut door and lock for it. Using three 120mm Enermax T.B. Silence Fans, can only hear them if my ears link an inch from the fan, rated at 11 dba. Using 2x 26w 2700k cfls, and 2x 23w 6500k cfls. Lined with 1mm mylar and aluminum tape along edges. Temps max at around 80 F, though its a lot cooler towards the bottom of my box. Unfourtuantly temps get a bit higher to around 85 F if my computer is on, which is right next to it. Heres some picks, tell me what you guys think.

    Ill be ordering some Lowrider Auto AK47 feminized in a few days from now, already have a 2 liter pot im going to be using on hand, and a local hydro soil sells foxfarm ocean forest soil which I can pick up any day. Here are some pics for now.

    Basic airflow of box.

    Box Itself

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  2. Light should be closer to the plant, but probably you are thinking of putting the plant on a riser or something. That might work, but might give heat problems. If you make you lighting adjustable in height, the hot air can still escape to the top of the box, while the plants are at the bottom, where it's cooler.

    Made the same mistake: exhaust and intake should be facing each other for optimum air flow.

    How many plants are you planting?
  3. Ok thanks, just planning on planting 1, and yeah I was gonna put the pot on risers at the start, though my cfls are plugged into a power strip with velcro so I can easily just apply a new strip of velcro farther doen on the case, and still allow for optimum airflow.
  4. Looks really nice! Question: is odor going to be an issue? How do you control that?
  5. Thankks! Yah Im a bit worried about odor, but I figure thats a bit down the road so I dont have to worry about it too much. Ive read people GENERALLY dont have too many issues when theyre only growing a single, particularaly small plant. I intend to keep my window cracked open (which is right by the case) at almost all times if it starts to smell, I also heard good airflow really helps alot, as it will evenly distribute the smell throughout the room to the point where its hardly noticeable. My rooms kind of smelly anyways so i can always just blame it on that.
  6. Really would do that, making the lights adjustable... you won't regret it. It's essential with CFLs to keep them as close to the plant as possible (1-2 inches)...

    Just look out for any carbon filter you might see. Here in Europe IKEA has like a bunch of different cheap ones for stoves. Put that before your exhaust, and might be ok, otherwise buy active charcoal and find some way to layer it before the exhaust, or after.

    Hope that seeds are fem if you are just planting one.
    Keep us posted.
  7. about the 3rd or 4th week your whole room will smell, i recently just found this out ;)
  8. Even with window open and fans blowing? Guess Ill cross that bridge when i come to it.

  9. You should search term: busted, someone just got busted because they had their window open while flowering/harvest...

    Why would you leave the window open - this sounds crazy

    Comment from anyone, because I don't grow or know anything about it
  10. buy an ONA block online to eliminate the odor when flowering starts.

    I like the concept of your setup.
  11. I disagree with albes you want the intake at the bottom because that's where cooler air lies and the exhaust up top alittle below the lights so it can take all the warm air out and that is from personal experience otherwise you set up looks really good and if you can space the lights around your box instead of inline or one side it will be better for all around lighting.:wave:
  12. Two auto ak47 seeds ordered from single seed centre today. And in response to the window thing, I very much doubt anyone will able to detect the scent of one plant eminating from a window two stories up.
  13. dude one plant that isnt even flowering yet in my room has made my room smell like a fresh weed plant.

    dont doubt other peoples noses.

    itll lead to alot of trouble, take the time effort and money and invest in something that wont fuck you over in the end.

    after all that work it would be a shame to see.
  14. Ok thanks for your advice, Ill see if it becomes a problem.
  15. Seeds arrived today, started germinating one seed with paper towel in ziplock bad method. And so it begins..
  16. I'd suggest looking at some threads on how to make a carbon scrubber. You seem to be rather handy, so once you view the concept of how to make one, the ideas are endless. If your box is not air tight, I'd put the filter on the inside of the box to pull the air through it. If not, all that unfiltered air will leak out around the box.
  17. Yup, better safe than sorry. For building a carbon scrubber all you need is
    active charcoal (get them from your pet store used for aquariums) + 2 containers with holes (i.e., coke cans and poke holes at them) and panty hose.
  18. Ya Ill invest in a carbon scrubber in a few weeks when I have some more money and when Ill actually start needing it. Well heres my little plant, day 3 since I began germinating the sucker, all seems to be going well! Temps also steady at 80 degrees, and watering with bottled water.

    BTW, does that look like the right size pot for use through the whole life of the plant?

    Day 3


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  19. You're going to want that closer to the lights. Once your plant has many leaf sets, you will want it to be like 2-4 inches from the bulbs at all times; I'd invest in some method of adjustable light.
  20. Ok I can just put down a lower strip of velcro so that should be ok. Is the size of my pot ok, its about 6 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter.

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