Custom Sovereignty x Arty Showerhead AC

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    Just got the SG x Arty showerhead AC that was made for my SG x Arty King Stemline. They weren't sold together as a pair but I ended up tracking it down and putting the set back together. I am super stoked.


    Watch in HD
  2. dood just when i thought ur sg collection couldnt get any sicker
    damn the work on it is tooo amazing
    sg ac's are already rare as fuck how did u manage to hunt down ur matching one
    and get whoever to sell it?
  3. man what an amazing setup
  4. Luck, and money lol

    watch in HD

    [ame=]YouTube - Sovereignty Glass x Arty King Stemline & SG x Arty Showerhead AC Matching Set[/ame]
  5. that is absolutely badass.
    im sooo jealous
  6. wow man, you win the sovereignty collection
  7. wish i could rep u
  8. Thinking about selling the non worked a/c? I can completely understand if not lol.
  9. good job reuniting the pair! sick stuff!
  10. Whaaaat. Crazy man.
  11. thats amazing you found the matching a/c. anything could of happen to it. loving the worked section
  12. ridiculous. the epitome of class, performance, beauty and sex.
    infinite props on finding the match.
  13. nice looks ill dude
  14. Nice one man.
  15. That is a beautiful piece man.
    Looks great, Loving the green and yellow.

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