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  1. i've been drawing graffiti for awhile now and a couple of my friends asked me to do their names on their kicks

    the first one i did was the josh, that was just a test to see if it was doable and what kind of materials i should use. that was done with a pretty much a ball point pen and silver sharpie

    next one i did was the chiz. used paint markers
    those were a few months ago and i've done plenty of pairs since but don't have flicks. the latest ones i've been doing on the skulls ones. thats just ball point pen. i pre-smudge it and do touch ups so it won't rub/wash off. everything i do will last about 2-3 months normal wear. basically by the time your sneakers look grody and you want new ones anyway, my shit should still be runnin there.

    pm if interested and we can figure something out

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  2. nice man, sick sneaks.

    my favorite are the nikes on the right.
  3. thanks man. i like those the best out of that line up myself. you can tell i was more comfortable doing that than the others, not as uptight.

  4. yeah man freal. those are pretty sick, i would wear those kicks anywhere.
  5. they could be yours for the small price of............hahaha
  6. [​IMG]



    just some of my stuff
  7. that's the one thing i don't like about the paint markers, i can't cover large areas and do actual customs like those. haven't experamented with an airbrush yet but those are definitely sick man.

  8. My work with the airbrush is decent lol.Google Angelus Leather Paint ..... you won't use paint markers ever again. I first started out hand painting them and eventually moved on to the airbrush.
  9. haha nice man. maybe ill have to grab some kicks.

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