Custom ROOR(new label?)/PHX mini dub trinity [milk-vids]

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    *i made a new vid becuse too many ppl were complaining about my lack of pants. haha enjoy:eek:

    RooR Custom Black and White bowl, black mouthpiece, figerprint label, black and white ice pinches, bonng was $400 at a local headshop.

    [ame=""]YouTube- IMG 0019[/ame]

    PHX Mini Dub Trinity Perc..2 5-slit dome percs, splashguard, sandblasted PHX logo

    [ame=""]YouTube- IMG 0018[/ame]
  2. That second piece is real nice, is there an ice catcher on it?
  3. where did you get the roor? might be a fake... Roor does'nt make any "new labels" and they don't color their ice pinches except in select kustoms. Nice milks regardless
  4. It's not fake bro haha its from my local headshop, every RooR their is authentic German Roor. Not sure if it's really a new label or not i have just never seen it before. And it is a custom roor...which is why their coloured. And yes they both have ice catchers although i rarely use em'
  5. Dude does have a point though there is a lot of fake Roor's going around. Hence why it was only 400?
  6. Dude the phx is the shit. I picked up an 18inch straight tube 9mm thick the other day. I think I could smash a car window w/ it and it'd probably be just fine. Thick as hell.
  7. The headshop has papers of authenticity for all of their roor's. There are many authentic german custom roor's which have different labels then the standard blue, red, white, black, etc. It was 400 because it is about 16" tall, 4 mm thick, and has fairly standard design features....all roor's like that are in the 400 price range.
  8. So did you just make up that gem off the top of you head or what?

    Total misinformation.
  9. hahahaah thank you :D:hello: atleast someones info is right...
  10. ...or not. Roor US doesn't color any of their ice pinches, only kustom de's, which is why i asked. And there aren't any new roor labels, the OP's included....
  11. as i have said it is a custom german roor (de if u dont understand).
  12. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm <3
  13. Huh?

    My old ROOR USA tube with white pinches

    New logo I think it came out in 08 or 09
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    so what was meister sayin about no new labels or coloured ice pinches? :) haha thank you again^

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