Custom Roor Little Sister - WOW!

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    I want to buy this because it's so off the wall BUT I need a way to justify it to myself lol my wife said go for it but i'm nervous as fuck lol

    Ya Still cant do it lol I settled on this one

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  2. I've looked at that Roor before, so ridiculous. If you can afford it, why not? But I would probably be pretty afraid to smoke out of it in fear of breaking such an investment. That's also quite a vague price range you have there, it's really between a G-Spot and a Roor?
  3. I had 4 HUGE deals come thru this year and I have more money than I know what to do with at this point, we actually just paid off the house :) 25 years old and I have ZERO debt :)
  4. ...Are you just pulling random products out of your ass? They don't even look anything alike, one costs 3k more, and the g-spot is shit.
  5. First off, congrats on being one of the few 25yr olds with a house and no debt!

    I would never spend 4k on a bong man, but If I did.. haha it would prob look a lot like that one.. its like the golden chalice of king stonersvile or some shit!

    The 2nd bong I do not like either.
  6. No im trying to be sensible about it. If I had a $4000 bong I would be hesistant to use it, More of a show piece. The G-spot caught my eye and I'd be happy to look at any suggestions you have :wave:

    BTW pulling a roor out of my ass sounds RIDICULOUSLY painful..I wonder if I could blow smoke rings with my ass?
  7. [​IMG]

    im officially pulling it... prove me wrong and i shall retract it, but until then you have been labeled.
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    And how do I go about proving you wrong good sir?

    BTW it's pretty counter productive to call bullshit on something you know nothing about and if you have indeed been dropping acid since 1968 then you are much older than me and should know the satisfaction of working hard to pay off debt. If not then you may have made some poor decisions.
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    bank can help you with that. withdraw $4,000.00 in 100s, place it in a brown paper bag with the label "proof" on it, and place it in my mailbox in 24 hours.

    or you can come up with something else, but the first option is preferable

    oh on the contrary, it was my fine decisions that left me debt free and i had no need to pay off a debt which never existed in the first place.

    as there is nothing to produce, it is not counter productive. its not unusual for children of the internet to create fallacies in an attempt to creat some cred, however little it may be.
  10. LOL! as much as i enjoy philanthropy (sp?) I dont think I could bring myself to do that.

    Do you have any ideas for a great bong? I dont want it to break, I would love to be able to drop it off the counter onto carpet without it breaking (as im prone to do)
  11. Just get a standard 7mm Roor. Cause it appears that you dont really care if there's a perk or not. But since your bugdet is so unlimited you should get a ROor 7mm, You'll totally love it man
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  13. as for the breaking, acrylic is what you need, as all glass bongs, no matter how thinck the glass is, will most likely break. if you plan on changing your ways and be more carefull i personal prefer medicali and illadelph
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  15. Allright, I take your point.... I guess. maybe.

    Anyway, I would suggest a cheaper, more functional AND better looking roor, lux, toro, illadelph, sg, or dozens and dozens of others. There are some DAMN find bongs to be had for 700 or so, if you really have thousands to throw into a bong.
  16. I have a 45cm little Sister with a diffuser and I love it. As far as that piece goes its really nice if you have the money but what I'm wondering is why you wouldn't go with the bong that the lil sista is based off of, the dealers cup? What type business are you in, if you don't mind me asking, because I need that kind of money.
  17. I own a construction outfit as well as a few small projects on the side.
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  19. Personally I love the White Lines Dealers Cup
  20. Honestly I can't stand having pot leaves all over everything, but that's just me. I know damn well what I'm smoking, thank you very much.

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