Custom Rasta Inline w/ Huge rasta bowl

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  1. [​IMG]


    Sneek peak for ya GC, just finished by the blower, gets shipped in a couple of days... pitty it will take 5 days to get to me here in Australia

    Cant wait to hit it!
  2. Radness!
  3. Omg legit!
  4. The bowl is a twisted donut... hope to get a few new pics of it soon
  5. badass piece man, art looks great. and hows the bowl hit
  6. keep us pósted on how it hits...mate...
  7. holy shit that looks amazing... so sick... how much did it run you/who made it?
  8. That is so fucking cool!
  9. Who made it? Bob Dobalina...he's on a few glass sites.
    How much it run me? I have a spare iPhone I am trading for the rasta inline, mouthpiece, rasta bowl, ice pince bowl, disc diffused bowl and another huuge fire & ice bowl.

    Will update with more pics as they come to hand guys.

    Thanks for looking at my thread & thanks for all the kind words

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