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  1. This little baby, made by Steve Beer:hello::hello::wave:, will be mine as soon as the money rolls in on friday. There's also a matching dabber that he'll take pics of tomorrow he said. It is indeed mad dope, and really is what I've been wanting. A small piece with some worked sections and a matching dish and dabber. Also wanted the mouth to be flat and round, and it looks like steve did just that :hello: Next piece I'll be looking into is a matching worked dome and I'll be content till Christmas :p:p


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  2. badass bro! i have a steve beer errl rig...i love it!
  3. I too have a steve beer rig, well actually I have a stevebeer bub and dome set aswell as a custom sherlock from him. he blows dope shit. pretty tight lines on the work to I must say.
  4. If you don't mind me asking, how much is this running you?
  5. I decided to get in touch with Steve actually because of seeing the work he did for people here on gc! :)

    An update : its going to come with a matching worked dome and curve after all !!!

    Price? Pm me? Idk the rules about posting prices or what Steve wants o.o
  6. nice man, sent you a pm

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