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    ~65 watts
    520 leds
    3 to 1 ratio
    10mm red 630nm 30,000mcd 55 view angle
    10mm blue 470nm 20,000mcd 55 view angle
    120mm 18 DBA 90 CFM fan
    carbon pellets odor filter
    LED pannel, scrog screen, and carbon filter can be removed by sliding mounts... The LED pannel is also adjustable...
    yes i do know that the 660 wavelength is better but the 630 are just so much more bright i think it will make up the difference... Just hope flower goes ok...
    any comments to make the box better please add...
    i will not be able to test it cause of living conditions sorry... i want to know what it can do too...
    but it is for sale and more of them, even have an idea for a mother and clone chambers on the right side of the box it would just be a bit wider... pick up only chicagoland area
  2. 660nm looks dim because our eyes aren't built to see it very well, it would be very bright to the plant. Also, 3-1 seems a bit off, but then again, nobody knows for sure. NASA did 20%(ish) blue.

    There is a thread on another site with 70w led vs 70w hps. The led plants are a little smaller, but that guy is growing six plant. You should be kicking the bird with one plant under your setup.

    If I could add something it would be UVB leds or a couple of light sockets for uvb cfls.

    Also high red, like 720nm, will tell the plants to go to sleep. This could be on another plug so you can turn it on the last 15 min of the day.

    Very cool cab! You could def sell them me thinks.

    Good luck!
  3. im actually watching the 70 vs 70 thread also :D... very cool that we can have some proof of what leds can do... notice that he dosnt have as many blues as me so they wont veg too great next to the hps you can tell the leds also have a smaller footprint than mine...i read he does have four diff wavelengths though... maybe thats the key for flower? i still think i do have too much blue like psionblue was saying so i think a 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 ratio will be better... the uv light i keep on reading is good and helps with resin and then i read that its bad.

    if i did my math right to show you how much i like my 630 leds

    (absorption to plant)
    full power
    2,500mcd 660led (100%) 2,500mcd=1.775lum*380leds= 674lum
    30,000mcd 630led(100%) 30,000mcd=25lum*380leds= 9,500lum

    based off a growth chart
    2,500mcd 660led (55%) 1,375mcd=.976lum*380led= 370lum
    30,000mcd 630led (15%) 4,500mcd=3.195lum*380leds= 1,214lum

    only if they made some 660nm leds that powerfull OMG!!!!

    i can see adding a few 660leds to my pannel just to help get more wavelengh to the plants maybe a few uv too if it works..
  4. They do make them strong, they just cost $$$.

    The problem is that we don't see 660nm very welll so companies that make bulbs use 630nm. I think 660 and 450 is all you need. Blue is absorbed a little better than red.

    I am gonna try a cfl/led grow. I think the cfl will fill in the gaps. The bulbs i plan on buying are 3w 13 lumen for the 660nm.

    here a couple of cool links for yah:

    On a side note, have you ever wondered why blue and red? The earth was once purple!

    The retinal pigment in halobacteria absorbs green light and reflects red and blue light. Chlorophyll absorbs red and blue light and reflects green. Some scientists think this mirror relationship suggests chlorophyll evolved to exploit parts of the spectrum unused by retinal. Credit: American Scientist
  5. where would you send someone to learn the basics of wiring these LEDs up. Also, what are the safety risks of a novice building LEDs? simple technology?

    or if you are not opposed, post a little tutorial here. You will be forever loved, and if people got some more knowledge on setting up LEDs i think we would see alot more experimentation.
  6. We off-grid folks can't wait for the price to go down....."Knock-Knock" China Hello when are the 100 for a dollar LED's gonna git' here? :D
    We use them for reading at night up in the loft..........before the timer they were left ON all night(very bad thing off-grid) and the batteries showed no drop overnight.
  8. (absorption to plant)

    2,500mcd 660led (55%) 1,375mcd=.976lum*380led= 370lum
    30,000mcd 630led (15%) 4,500mcd=3.195lum*380leds= 1,214lum

    psionblue 13 lumen for one led is good but still no where near the lumens it needs too be... like 150 lumen would be awsome... you need 93 of those 3 watt leds to match my 380 10mm 630nm leds.... if you spend $10 a led i dont know how much it is but then thats like $1000... i spent $160 on all of my leds... now if you got 93leds in 150 lumen if they made some 660 reds like the 630 that would be 13,950 lumens.... now that would prob be a hps killer :D but for alot of money still...

    btw my box i put about $500 into selling for $1000 new...

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