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    I obviously don't have the money at the time to do this, but a vehicle I would like to get within say the next 10 years is a VW Kombi or something similar. I'll have it custom inside and out of course. A few ideas I have are as follows, but what other things can you add to this? And does anyone know much about graphics design that could throw a product together? haha :D

    Uploaded with
    Deep sea paint job.
    Black interior.
    Custom seats.
    Custom Couch(wrap around?).
    Carpet of course.
    Small PC?
    Mini fridge.
    In dash stereo/DVD/gps.
    2 subs.
    7 speaker system.
    Custom motor/trans(better gas mileage).
  2. remember to put some extra batteries in or your gonna have to call the AA after playing to much Ps3^^
  3. Yeah. I thought of that. Looking towards solar panels on the top.
  4. haha yeah thatd be nice :D but i think they are pretty expensive arent they?
  5. There's 1 or 2 companies that make them "affordable", like a few hundred USD ($200-$400). The panels snap together. By the time I get around to this, they should be cheaper. haha

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