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Custom Fallponics transplant system

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Cashmeh, Sep 4, 2021.

  1. Your clones look good, but I would have cut the leaves in half and if the cutting where half the size, they could support them self, look like there struggling to face the light. jmo
  2. Screenshot_20210919-131112.png Screenshot_20210919-131133.png
    Screenshot_20210919-130959.png Screenshot_20210919-131030.png

    I can't tell who's saying what in there. I know the majority are sarcastic and friends. I don't need their approval or to debate them or you.

    Anyone can nit pick a grow, not many can grow as fast as this.

    If we're cool fine, I'll remember you don't mean nothing bad when you chat with or about me. I just can't be me the calm me when I'm being attacked from 5 different people all whom love eachother.

    As for the clones needing light, clones do not need any light to root. I could put them in pitch black right now and they will be fine. The only reason I'm giving them a little light is so they stand up strait and continue to grow. But again, the roots will still develop fully.

    As to their 10 plant limit I will message the owner. I will only have 6 plants flowering at a time so that's different than big growers.

    I'm going to shine regardless what the haters do. So I guess my bad lol..

    If anyone wants my real grow diary updated daily, private message me and I'll give you the link.
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  3. Where good then.

    Your right clones don't really need light, but the leaves will face towards the light, your clones look good but the clones are struggling to hold up the fan leaves, they don't need them at this stage(that's the point I was making ).
    but your clones look very healthy.
    Your just like me in many ways lol, they class 10 plants the same, if there are unrooted clones or 6ft trees, they don't care.
    I am sure your plants will turn out amazing, good luck Cachmeh
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  4. Screenshot_20210920-203415.png Screenshot_20210920-203340.png Screenshot_20210920-203508.png Screenshot_20210920-203607.png Screenshot_20210920-203533.png Added massive bloom formula, ppms were 610 yesterday, today they are 680.

    Ph stable at 5.7
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  5. Screenshot_20210923-132057.png Screenshot_20210923-132128.png 20210923_170202_HDR.jpg 20210923_170213.jpg

    Ppms slowly dropping, now 575. Nothing added to res but some ph up. No plans on res change or top offs yet.

    Everything performing easy, as expected. The grow is substantial in my opinion.

    I'm currently building better netpots so I don't have to cut roots before transplant.

    Cutting the roots stunted the growth on the left middle one. The bottom left is a week behind. It's actually pretty nice because I can work over top and around them lol..

    Anyways fun fun.

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  6. They banned me again.

    To your response
    I don't think this was a good idea, you removed far too many fan leaves.
    Hope they recover ????

    I defoliate so no bud sites are covered by other fan leafs. New growth performs better photosynthesis than old growth so I'm actually gaining by doing this in my opinion.

    The fan leafs are the plants nutrient reserves, if there's a problem it can pull nutrients from the leafs. Being I'm hydro I won't have an issue supplying nutrients so it's generally safe to do.

    I wouldn't reccomened this for non hydro growers lol.
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  7. Really I am not surprised lol, they really don't like you talking about more than 10 plants, tried to warn you.
    I have no problem removing up to 80% of the fan, IMO you need a few fan leaves for the plant to grow, you have 2 x 1kw de HPS in your flower room, the lights going to penetrate the canopy a good 12" with the thickest canopy, but your right the lower fan leaves are the plants nutrient reserves.
  8. I don't want to many budsites or lower sites. The lower ones would be getting less light and would never be as tall as the upper sites, resulting in lots of popcorn buds. By removing all nodes except the last one I'm also focusing all power to the top colas. I could have left anywhere between 10 and 30 colas per plant, all just depends on what my trellis helps me do. I might add another trellis a foot above this one to help with the weight later. This first one was mainly for stress training and bud site reduction.

    I'm basically making random strains look the same and act the same lol.. It's quite fun

    I'm also going to earn the ban now.. . Fucking crooks won't delete all my posts. Like I want my info on a place like that. I'm bout to ban evade one time before I put them to my back.
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  9. #29 CheapHomeGrown, Sep 24, 2021
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2021
    IMO THC is a good site and it full of helpful members but they have a strong dislike for cash croppers, be honest, you go on there and say you have the quickest system to grow the maximum crop in the shortest time.
    You have a 8ft x 4ft flower with 2 1kw de hps and you have done a scrog, you have 6 plants in veg and 6 plants in flower, a perpetual system, you could pull 60oz's every 9 weeks.
    most Growers on there are flowering off 4 plants every 6 months in a 1m tent

    I am lucky they have accepted me so far, don't know how long that will last.

    The site only accept personal Growers and everyone feels safe and knows the rules.

    No plant count limit on here, there will be undercover cops on this site and they will target the larger growers for sure.

    Smaller Growers detail could be exsposed if there unlucky.
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  10. Making them flat is the best way to promote more tops, dude you have some skills keep it up!

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  11. Increased hids from 600w to 750w. Lux was 20k average at canopy, now it's almost 30k.

    Ppm 550 ph 5.6. Water Temps 71 room Temps 78 rh 50.

    I plan on pitching the clones or playing with them due to having 6 new strains available. Will start new seeds when I finish upgrading my veg hydro system. Screenshot_20210925-184610.png Screenshot_20210925-184654.png 20210925_184143.jpg 20210925_184411.jpg
  12. Screenshot_20210929-064634.png Screenshot_20210929-064703.png Screenshot_20210929-064720.png Screenshot_20210929-064728.png Screenshot_20210929-064744.png Screenshot_20210929-064752.png Screenshot_20210929-064816.png Screenshot_20210929-064838.png

    Ppm 520 and dropping still, ph 5.7 rh 50 room lights on 77 lights off 70, water temp 70 average.

    I have not topped off res or added nutrients yet. Seems to have consumed around 10 gallons of water. I will topp off and add silica blast tomorrow.

    System working above expectations. Cloning went better than expected.

    Getting pretty boring around here.
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  13. Added silica blast for flower additive.

    2 months ago these guys opened the first node. System working above expectations.

    Ppms 600, water Temps 73f, room temps 79, lights on max canopy 3.5ft from light.

    Pistols showing all over and room is getting a slight weed smell to it now.

    20211001_151844.jpg Screenshot_20211003-135041.png Screenshot_20211003-135105.png Screenshot_20211003-135113.png Screenshot_20211003-135121.png Screenshot_20211003-135133.png Screenshot_20211003-135144.png Screenshot_20211003-135421.png Screenshot_20211003-135250.png Screenshot_20211003-135306.png Screenshot_20211003-135453.png Screenshot_20211003-135518.png
  14. 6 strains in the same hydro system :)

    I cannot keep up with multiple forums. This is my current grow from start to now, updated at least every 2 days with videos. Being I cannot upload large videos here, I cannot continue to update this. It takes to much time taking pictures out of my videos and uploading them.

    Apologies, but if you need faster than usual growth, hit me/us up there.

    Good luck everyone

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