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Custom Fallponics transplant system

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Cashmeh, Sep 4, 2021.

  1. 4x8 flower room in picture. Running 2 x1000w Hid (needs aligned) , custom Fallponics system (not complete yet). 75 gallon capacity.

    2x4 custom Fallponics veg room. Placed 1 inch tap root seed into hydro system on July 29th. Bottom right is 7 days behind, plus stunted from over feeding.

    Will transplant and start 6 more when flower room is done. Hopefully that will be by Monday. Due to them being different strains all photos, I've been topping and defoliating the bigger ones alot. I want light to reach the smaller plants, and I want a super small tight level canopy.

    Missouri medical cultivator, all legal.

    I made this batch of nutrients on July 9th. I use alot of water so the fluctuations are minimal. I am running a live system using flora trio, calmag and hydroguard only. Room Temps max 76, res Temps around 73 always. Ph kept at 5.6 always. When I say always, I want it there for optimum growth.

    I do not like debating what is best, I will simply say what I recommend and why. I will not prove any statements accurate. I do not wish to argue with coco growers lol, I just want to help new people grow in active hydro systems.

    I will be aiding people in their hydro issues. The more I help the more I learn the faster we get you booming.

    I also posted pictures of last grow. Dwc and rwdc in the same tent.

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  2. Hi Cashmeh, same name on thc.
    your setup looks ok but you don't have enough experience to say you can pull double the crop(hydro) vs soil and teach me.

    For a start, 1kw de adjusts a wing, on a light rail would have covered this space with enough light.
    your plants in veg are different hights, not even close to being level, your leaves in flower are burnt.
    you're a good grower but not a pro.

    point me to your friends if you want.
    here my diary
  3. Never said I could pull double the yield as soil, (here). I have enough experience troubleshooting Hydro systems to confidently say I can teach plenty of people a thing or 2. Yet again, this is my first post on this forum, and as I read it, I think you have me confused with someone else ;)

    That said. .

    "The rule of thumb regarding light power is, 400-600W of light power for each 1m2 area would bring out the maximum yield. Hence, the total light power required for a 4×4 grow space is near around 800-1200w. You can source that from one 1000w light or a couple of 600w lights."

    I dont want enough, I want too much. The grow your throwing smoke at about burnt leafs obviously was 3 different strains, one an auto, and there were two different hydrosystems in that room, with no trellis. I Yielded over 10 oz dry and trimmed on my first grow, shits that better than the dispensary's, which doesnt say much lol. So please go blow smoke elsewhere.

    As for the different strains being different height, well the lights adjust silly guy, and I can move them to where the canopy is more like a ramp instead of staggered. As for the leafs being burnt, thats the top, of course they were, again this is where too much light, full spectrum penetration, and heavy defoliation came into play. Plus those 3 are different strains lol, one was a larger plant one was a smaller plant. Why criticize someone on them not having a perfect canopy when they are growing 3 different strains.

    Never said I was a pro, as soon as I harvest out of aero system I havnt built yet, then ill say hey now, I might just be.

    Hell CNA's are experts in 2021, id say im far from inexperienced.
  4. So your not the same grower?

    A double ended 1kw hps is 20% more effective than a se 600w hps.
    Too much light is a flower room is a bad thing cash.

    The most effective way to maximise yeild is to keep the canopy level, with my lux meter,
    4" can make the difference between 40,000 and 60,000, might be closer to 8" with a 1kw hps but that's a large chunck of your pentrashion into the canopy, with a pot of soil, I would lift the pot.

    your never going to pull a maximum yield with autos seeds it not going to happen.

    you need to grow out 20 seeds, take cutting and keep the best process takes a good 6 months to find a good phoneotype and then you could double your crop vs auto seed.
    your canopy will be full and level, and you can grow a massive crop

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  5. I am the only Cashmeh

    Ask yourself this, DO YOU GROW IN COCO? Now re-read the part where I said "I will not argue with COCO growers" You sir are a troll. Re-read what I said about recommended lighting needed for 4x4's above. Perhaps you should upgrade your lights lol. . .
  6. Good luck Cashmeh, you have a lot to learn.
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  7. Here is a video of the current status. Delete this comment if not allowed, wont happen again. I just see you do not offer large uploading of videos and I cannot upload to multiple sources.

    Cashmeh <--- Click my name for the video of my current status.
  8. I live in the uk and its not legal, if i was to start uploading to youtube, its only a matter of time before I make a mistake and get caught. Your plants are really healthy, but the cool tubes? check the reviews, its not good.
  9. Its not youtube, no sign in needed.

    Everything has bad reviews. The setup cost and venting 2000w was the only goal. 2 -1,000watts vented ballasts with glass, connectable to another, with adjustable ballasts.

    For 160 per light kit, 320 bucks, I would not have been able to give the 4x8 enough light, nor vent it easily.

    Hoods are hoods, glass is glass, opened ended hoods all have the same function, same as reflectors. What makes a good light to one is not the same to another. Startup cost for a hydro system like mine is ridiculous.

    What I should have done is gotten 2 HLG's 650R's, but I dont have 2 thousand dollars to spend on lights right now, or ever. Sure my monthly running costs will be higher than most, yet I will have a higher average par than most using leds or cfls in a 4x8. 600w CFLS are rated for 3x3 during flower, not 4x4's. You will be hard pressed to get good coverage with anything but what I got, for that price. Let alone the ability to inline them is insane. Sure they could use better reflectors, but it wont matter for what im doing.

    There is no cheap way to overkill lighting and remove heat for a 4x8, unless you do it my way. Any hood you post thats comparable in price will easily be dismantled by me.

    Lets try this, what would you have done for 350 bucks? Give us some details
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    "Hoods are hoods, glass is glass, opened ended hoods all have the same function, same as reflectors. What makes a good light to one is not the same to another."

    good question, HPS bulbs need to be run at a minimal temperature(range), so cooling them too quicky will make them less effective, high air reduce the number of lums reaching the glass tube, 50% is going up, through the airflow, glass tube to the reflector and back through the glass, etc
    Say the reflector, reflects 80% of the light, the airflow, and going through the curved glass 3 times, you could lose 15% of the reflective light, in total you could lose 40% of the light (5% is going through the airflow and glass once). that's without talking about the wasted light reflecting off your walls

    It's great if you temps are out of control as you can remove most of the heat, ducting in a straight line, cool air in one end, hot air out the other end. guess you could remove 70% of the heat. it's a good trade-off. more lums less heat, AC would cost way more to run. There are cheap light kits because if heats a problem you spend extra on LEDS.

    1kw adjust a wing on a light rail would cover the same space and you only lose about 10% of the light with a light spread and the reflector, the light sits 50cm above the canopy, so less light hits the walls, the wall only reflects between 70-90% of the light, depending on what's on your walls and the last time you wiped them over.

    So a good quality 1kw De HPS light system with a Lightrail can match 2 cheap 1kw systems.

    I don't think LEDs are as good as growers make out when you look into the science.

    you divide the average umol/s/m2 by the watts and tells you how effective the light is, a 1kw has to be a minimal of 70cm above the canopy without a light rail, etc like yours check this out.
    maybe there hitting the 2.7, 15cm above the canopy in a 2.5ft x 2.5ft room, centers going to be something like 1500, it's all crap, this marketing stuff.

    A good 1kw HPS de is 2.1 (shocking lol)
    Your right, you got a good deal for 350 bucks,
  11. If I were soil and not building a hydro setup, I would have had extra money for some good led lights. Lots of trials have been done on them when comparing. The place that I messaged you has some amazing growers who sell online. Somehow they have been able to try so many leds through sponsors and whatnot. Im not as familiar with lighting as I am hydro. I just know that they recommended some of the most expensive LEDS on the market. Im not sure why, but they always say the led tech is finally worth it. I think the main factors would be upfront price and total running cost, everything else on GOOD leds are equal to that of good HIDs in respects to light output.

    My cheapest upgrade to these lights will be reflectors. For around 50 bucks, 400 total, I can get pretty even light displacement. Now my running costs are going to be stupid expensive. Yet as long as I upgrade these lights in a year, I should be ok. So I would agree these lights I got are junk, but for the price, they were my best option. My goal was to get as much light into the tent for the lowest startup price. Ive been dumping money into this bedroom left and right, I cant afford to put the best of every component in there.

    My system also leaked, and im using rubber cement now instead of calk. Plants could be in the new system soon lol. . .idk when
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  12. My local grow shop knows me, been using them for years and they will not sell me a LED because they said I will bring it back, they aim for new growers, their range may be dated and the new LEDs may be really good but are you going to drop £1500 and replace it in a years time when they bring out a much better led that uses less power? that's what most growers have done.
    I would be happier to drop £500 on the best HPS available and replace it in 2 years' time with the latest led, the price will drop more than 30% as time goes on(£1,000), you know it's going to happen lol.
    The farmer site looks good, If I was to ever sell weed online I would use the tor network, burn a Linux os on a USB(tails), and use an IronKey to store the docs, not sure how to use an iron and the tor network together.

    Good luck sorting your system, you just need to pull one good harvest and you will make loads of money, upgrade your system and start again.
  13. Airlines and water lines ran inside the system. System filling with RO water.

    Will transplant and 6 more different strains soon.

    I am defoliating heavy and topping the larger plants multiple times. I am promoting lower growth on the larger plants while allowing light to reach the smaller plants. Also defoliating the tops of the large plants to allow light to the lower area.

    I am currently creating short stout plants for my 4x8. Fun fun

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  14. Lol at the toilet flanges on its side!
    Not what I would do but very creative way to do a hydro project. Keep us updated with your progress hope it turns out well!

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  15. I would never recommend it. I saved like 5 dollars per bulkhead, but. .but. . so much work to install them. I will never do that gain. Yet it does look pretty lol. .
  16. 20210914_180219.jpg Got them transplanted and scrogged.

    Ppms 300 ph 5.7 water temp 72 room temp 77 rh 50.

    12/12ed them hoes

    I'll start more seeds tomorrow
  17. Do you really have carpet in your flower room, is this a normal thing hydro growers do?
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  18. Im confident in my builds lol, and no its not normal. I would not recommend this. With any systems that have plumbing.

    Now my veg tent, it cannot leak, 0 holes in the side of it, only in the lid. I can teach anyone how to build a leak proof hydro system without bulkheads, yet I didnt realize it was possible until this build was done. For large builds you would need bulkheads, yet for a 4x4 I could do just one tote with no holes in the side if need be, yet i have a 4x8 so id have to link them, so I just put the res outside the tent.

    Under my floor is crawl space so im good even if all of it leaked out, but it wont.
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  19. 20210917_190740_HDR.jpg I'll reply to you here since they banned me and I can't reply to your comment there.
    I think Cashmeh is a funny grower, putting on the act he knows the best system and the quickest way to grow a large crop, and maybe he does for all I know. he could root a clone and veg it off in 4 weeks, need longer in soil and then you take one close look at his flower room, he has a hydro system on his carpet already explained , these systems often leak, and then he says he's starting 6 more seeds tomorrow, he knows the rules. I just won't share anything but flower room there. I actually took clones:)

    Guess doors at the far end of the scrog, there's no chance of training the plants into the screen, or fixing any problem in late flower. Opposite end will have door installed when the time is needed. It's not rocket science.
    Cashmeh is going to have a lot of problems with this setup, but I wish him all the luck. So far I've had none.


    I love how you all have to silence and attack people in order to win debates. Your not intelligent so quit acting like you are.
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  20. I was jump in quick because of the bad taste you left on the site, thinking its only a week and I was trying to carm things down, do you honestly think I was over the top with my comments, a new grower thinking he knows best is very common on most grow sites, and quickly be forgiven. Even this was sticking up for you, "he knows the best system and the quickest way to grow a large crop, and maybe he does for all I know."
    Carpets hide bugs and can increase the chance of mold and humidity, every grower knows this. At this stage talking about getting access to all parts of a scrog is very important for you and lots of new growers reading your diary.
    You said I will be taking 6 clones tomorrow in your diary and you should of known better on thc, they have a 10 plant limit, don't want you jumping on in a week's time showing 12 plants. I spend more time, researching and studying to reduce the amout of mistakes I make, simply as that.

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