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Custom double perc bong milk VIDEO/PICS!!!!!!(56k NO)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jmackisback, May 31, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, check out this video...It's me ripping my custom double perc bong with a fat bowl of bc bud and thc powder from my grinder.

    Info on this bong can be found here:

    check out some pics from the same day:

    here's some nice BC bud I have at the moment....actually smoked about 3 types in this session shown on the video clip.







    Let me know what you guys think! :)
  2. Nice vid man, you definately got ripped if its three different kinds and kief.
  3. nice budz!
  4. niiice that was a mega cloud
  5. damn nice ass prec and pic and bad ass vid pimp...I remember smokin out of one of them last week for the first time when I was gettin some NYC Diesel...packed about 4 bowls of NYC Diesel between 7 people...I was offically zooted....
  6. Thats definitley a sweet bong man. I cant wait to get into glass blowing and shit, I just need to stop being lazy and look for somewhere that I can be an apprentice or something. Hope you get really really fucked up every day and that the bong never gets mishandled and end up broken. That would be the worst thing ever.
  7. Looks like fun and nice bong milking
  8. Thanks everyone!

    I took that toke all in one (I usually take two tokes;fill and empty.) so i got so mashed it made my body shake and thats some powerful bud :smoking:
  9. gotta love the kief and thats some nice erb...ive said it before but that one sweet ass bong +
  10. at first i was like, man thats a cool but smallish bong...and then you got DOWN from whatever you were standing on. damn that thing is nice.
  11. :)

    Yeah I was on the toilet :)laughing: ), then I got off.

    I'm 6' and the bong is 26".
    The smoke goes down and you dont feel a thing...but once it comes up your in trouble! :D
  12. Haha yes man perculator bongs are amazing! It hits and you dont feel it then it just punches you in the it! Nice bong and pics/milk video
  13. i love that bong!!! + rep on the milk too
  14. my first thought "holy crap this kid is a fucking giant" second thought "oh shit he was standing on the toilet"...and my current thought "i need to pack up another one"
  15. LOL! :laughing:

    I appreciate the compliments from people....keep the feedback rolling! :)

    Should have some pictures of some crazy bud tomorrrow night...aswell as a five foot bong milk video...and maybe even some more double perc pics/vid :hello:
  16. Seems to me that u got a pretty nice life when it comes to being a stoner. Looks like you got your own place, Smoke killer bud every day out of an amazing, costom, double perc bong with ur buddy. Sounds pretty awsome to me.
  17. Yeah, my mary jane life is great :D

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