CUSTOM COMBO VAPE PEN!! build guide!

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  1. The Guide to Beat the G-Pen
    The EgoCron v1.0

    First off we'll start with a little introduction as to what this is about. A few months I purchased the G-pen as a discreet way to medicate and consume BHO. I had been using a Healthstone Inner-Cooler vapor pipe previously before the G-pen for my out of home medicating. So after owning the G-pen for a decent amount of time I began to love it although one thing bothered me. The amount of BHO/wax/dabs it could hold/carry was very disappointing after one's tolerance grows. The point of the G-pen was to be discreet but attempting to load a G-pen is anything but discreet and or easy especially if you are working with crumble type wax. I made this vape pen combo in order to solve this problem of having to constantly reload the G-pen. My buddy had an omicron and I loved the fact it could hold a good amount of oil but the battery on it sucked! So here's a guide basically to build IMO one of the best vape pens around.

    Ego C twist battery. (adjusts all the way from 3.2-4.8)

    Joye eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage 1000mAh Battery

    Omicron Extract Cartridge …. I've fit up to an 8th of oil in it and the 2.4ohm is ideal for the type of battery

    Vaporizer Extract Cartridge Single - PlanetVape

    The fill tool for the omicron cart (not needed but definitely recommended)

    Cartridge Fill Tool - PlanetVape

    I got my mouth piece from the local e cig store but they have them available on planet vape for a little more. And last is the thread adapter to make the cart and battery fit. Also remember to order SLOTTED for air flow.

    Adapter - 510 Battery to 601 Cartomizer (Omicron, Super Nova, Smoore)

    So its around 55$ ish without shipping costs. Not too bad seeing as the omnicron retails over 120$ and the Gpen 80$

    oh and also idk if anyone vapes nicotine but there are nicotine carts with 100's of flavors. So i just switch the carts and keep the same battery and bingo.

    Hope this was interesting atleast...enjoy!
  2. heres a pic of it put together...vid later but it rips
  3. This is dope man. Nice Vdub.
  4. This is great. Ill probably end up using this guide instead of getting a trippy stix or g-pen thanks.
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    nice does the omicron cart work with crumble waxes?and do you notice a change in flavor when it gets down to the bottom of the cart?
  6. Not bad but i'm not a fan of the omicron/persei carts. You need a full cart for good vapor production, and once it gets to .1 - .2 grams its not even producing vapor. Also i keep having trouble with the air hole in it getting clogged no matter what. 3 brand new carts and it happened to them all. Pain in the butt to unclog them as well.
  7. That actually looks pretty dope man awesome build you did there. How does it hit?
  8. most definitely doing this!!
  9. Need more reviews on this OP, thinking about getting it.
  10. I did this. I wouldn't recommend it. Omicron cartridges are a fucking pain in the ass.

    I'd just get the cloud
  11. What problems did you have with the carts? And what's the cloud?
  12. They are retarded to load for one. And you pretty much always end up clogging them and getting lots of oil in the mouth piece.

    The cloud vape pen seems pretty dope to me... Look it up
  13. Damn well thanks for the input
  14. I was looking for one that only smokes hash oil
  15. [quote name='"John Wayne"']I did this. I wouldn't recommend it. Omicron cartridges are a fucking pain in the ass.

    I'd just get the cloud[/quote]

    Ive heard from multiple sources that the cloud gives off other flavors besides the weed.dude at my dispensary said it tastes like copper too

  16. Damn. Well fuck man idk. The Omicron cartridge isn't worth the hassle, IMO
  17. The gentlemans brand vape, has a good cart that'll fit that battery, looks legit, you get 2 for 25

    Haven't found any bad reviews on it
  18. Have any of you guys used a glycerin tincture in "Tank" cartomizer? I just got an eGO c-upgrade and a couple clearomizers to vape some nic juice and hopefully soon vape hash or oil glycerin tincture. I love badkitty's thread, gave me a lot of ideas but haven't ever heard of anyone using these "Tank" cartomizers only the little cartomizers for little pen vapes. If no one has I may have to do a tutorial thread after I have gone through it.

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