Custom Bowl + Nug Shot

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    I got this pipe in December at BC Smokeshop in Houston before moving to Philly, and I absolutely love it. I never posted pictures before but I think its warranted.

    The bowl is named Fuzzy Cap. Pictures are pretty big and give a good view of all the detail.


    And a little nug


    I do have a pretty nice 13 inch 7mm DC Beaker bottom bong but I keep that at my buddies place because its safer, and I don't have any decent pics on my camera.
  2. Nice bowl and nug

    Am I the only one who doesn't give my pieces a name though?
  3. good shit homie word nawmean?
  4. now dont you think grinding that was a little over kill? use ya fnigas
  5. Naww I always name my pieces, its kinda a ritual with my friends when were high.
  6. Lol yea, I just had it out so I put it on the grinder to use as a platform.

  7. haha iight.
  8. Why? Grinders do a better job and saves the keif in there instead all over your hands and the floor.
  9. I'm never worried about the kief on my finger or anywhere else, it's just that grinder are waaaay faster unless you have freakishly dry dust bud.
  10. Cool stuff....where's the custom glass?
  11. All I can say is lol

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