custom bong design

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  1. I want to find a good glass blower to create this for me but I fear it will be too expensive for my bank account. time to start saving:eek:
    id call it: stemless showerhead-helix perc. JAMMER rasta label. I really like the helix perc. I saw it on an episode of Medical Marijuana bootcamp, Here's a link to the video:[ame=]YouTube - Bootcamp - New Bong + Tsunami Strain Review[/ame].
    This would also be rad to own,
    Thats a U-parc above the stem

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  2. I'm impressed with your microsoft paint skills.

    Other than that, you'll have to talk to a blower. There are a few members here that are blowers PM one of them maybe, for starters.
  3. thanks dood, what do u think the 1st one will cost?

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