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Custom bong advice

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Floridatoker, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. I am buying a roor bong custom made And i do not know if i want ice notches or a Narrowing Section The website says a narrowing section is better than getting ice notches. But is the narrowing section better realy. Which should i do they are both expensive and i don't want to pay for something that i don't need. This is my bong so far
    :smoke: At 450.00

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  2. I would go with the ice notches, nothing like ice to cool it down for a nice milk shot.
  3. id ask that website if they have a broken bong policy first before you order. Make sure you have a way to get a refund or replacement if it arrives broken. If they dont have anything of the such, pm and ill send you a link to a website that I garuntee you will get your roor to you intact.

    other than that, I think that narrowing section looks ugly. the site that I can link you to has different no so straight and square reductions, rounded and not squared, and you can get them with notches. Ill pm you a link to a nice roor i was looking at last night

    edit: wow dude nvm they fuckin raised prices again. If you really want a link to another place that sells roors let me know. but damn theyre getting expensive

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