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Cussing mangement inside..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Come in here if you need a little extra cussing room..

    Like on those day when fuck, shit, damn, hell and etc. just keeps coming out...

    So fuck it and cuss
  2. fuck ive got to go to fucking work in 2 hours ive havnt really got enough bud to smoke so ive got wait until 11:30 tonight.....thats like 7 hours FUCK SHIT BOLLOCKS!!!

    cant wait until 11:30......
  3. [bitch]

    I'm sick as fuck. I called sick in to work.. they want a doctors note *this isn't high school dumb fucks, I'm a fucking a-d-u-l-t* What the fuck am I going to go to the doctor for when I have a bad ass sinus conjestion? Give me $80 to see the doctor and to pay for a perscription, other wise, suck my balls.

    Seriously.. a fucking doctors note.. what.. the... fuck....

    Guess I'll get a write up

    I can't get fired.. I'm one of their best empolyees *not trying to be big headed or anything, its just he truth*

    I wish I made fucking $200,000 and year.


  4. cock, balls
  5. ....Mother fucker shit damn bitch asshole :) lil cussin rhyme
  6. shit fuck queer bitch faggot cunt pussy ass

    that felt good
  7. well ill be dipped in shit! a fucking ass cuss room. aint that a fucking bitch? shit i cunt think of no goddam cocksucking motherfucking shiteatin cumlicking cuss words! nuthin to do but just hang around fuckin the dog. goddam bein this blasted is sooo much fun ill hit again and again:smoking:
  8. Ow! My poor virgin ears! lol!

    Dang, shoot, darn, blast it, shucks, dab nabbitt, poop, ................................Wow! Am I out of practice................ ahem....................

    FUCK! There we go! heh heh heh :hippie:
  9. fuck it. fuck school, fuck finals, fuck everything. all i ever need is some fuckin bud to make me happy
  10. Well holy shit just the room for this fucking lame ass day.

    So my bitch ass cocksucker alarm clock wakes my tired ass up at five today. I was like dammmmn, "Time for work already?" I make my fucking lunch, fead my cool fish (no cursing about the fish, they rule) and head the fuck out.

    I meet up with the fucker who drives me to the fucking jobsite, what a lame asshole, FUCK HIM! Goddamn self talking wanker. I will smack that bitch back to the hole he fucking came from. I then realize, I FORGOT MY FUCKING TOOLS, all but my peice of shit wire strippers.

    OH THE FUCKING COLD! Drilling fucking windows while the GODDAMN WIND was turning my fingers into fucking popcicles!
    I had to stand in the fucking corner and warm up my fucking hands with my WHORE of a lighter! ASSRAMING BITCH!

    I tried to cut a wire with my strippers and caught FUCKING FINGER! BLOOD MOTHERFUCKER!!!! HOLY SHIT THE PAIN! JESUS HELP ME, THE LADDER HIT ME TO. COCKSUCKIN WIRES BREAKING DUE TO THE COLD! People talking to themselfs! Drills failing to work. Staples won't fucking STAPLE! THE FUCKING COLD!

    Fucking sweet sweet lunch. Hurrah, the food truck came! I got coffee! 75 cents, I was a happy camper, boo ya! Got done early. Got to go home around 2:15. Sweet motherfucker... sweet.
  11. i havent been sleeping well at most 6 hours in the past 3 nights tota

    Edit- whoops forgot to cuss...cursesl

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