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curses, my tolerance went way up thanks to hash, sigh

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Well, looks like I'm gonna have to cut back, even though I reupped yesterday.

    I got about 1/3 oz. this time instead of half like I usually do. Didn't feel like getting quite as much as last time since I still had a little bit left.

    But I had been smoking hash for the last two days and finally decided to save my last chunk for tomorrow (4/20) But today I smoked like two spliffs, a jay, and two bowls and was like "ok, now I'm high." I usually only smoke two bowls a day but because I had smoked a decent amount of hash over the last couple of days, I finally had a tolerance increase, which sucks cuz I have never been able to hold my ganja well until now . . . ah well, after 4/20 i'm taking a short four to five day tolerance break I guess. In the meanwhile :smoke:
  2. tomorrow isn't 4/20...unless you live where it's past midnight.
  3. yeh you're right, sorry i'm high.
  4. Wouldn't that be funny if one year all the stoners got really stoned and forgot that it was 4/20 and the next day (4/21) they thought it was 4/20 and celebrated all crazy then on 4/22 when they all sobered up they were like... wait wtf. Or even better... they had a gap in their calender so they missed every single one of their appointments for the rest of the year because they thought they were one day behind.
  5. ugh, that's how I feel every day these days . . .
  6. emrandel, just shut up! nobody's that dumb. stop it with your little "betty stoner" act, and just act normal. also, who the fuck uses the word curses?
  7. lol, wow, you've got a fire under your ass.

    I enjoyed emrandel's post, I felt it was appropriate given my aforementioned mistake, so it's just an allusion to a possible venue of hilarious outcome, varying in hilarity based on one's personal bias and sense of humor.

    Needless to say, I enjoy to use expansive vernacular when engaging in conversation, whether or written or spoken, so you'll forgive my use of what might be considered a "dated" term.
  8. DUde thats god what do u mean?

  9. Translation:

    Hahaha, wow you've got a fire under your ass.

    I liked emrandel's post, it was right of him to post it because I made a mistake earlier. All he is doing is pointing out how funny my mistake was, though how funny it is depends on who you are.

    Needless to say, I like to use big words when talking, whether writing or speaking, so you will please forgive me for using old words.
  10. Damn I know exactly what you mean about hash and a high tolerance. All last week I was smoking a lot of hash and now when i smoke I'm high for like 20 mins, then its just meh. And 420 is tomorrow. damn
  11. yep, feel exactly the same way. ah well, I'm DEFINATELY going to take a break after today, cuz I know it's just going to cost me too much money to keep doing this . . . well, at least I'm smoking WAY less tobacco now that nearly 99 percent of my smoke breaks are either pure ganja bowls or 70 percent ganja, 30 percent tobacco spliffs.
  12. hash rules woooo!!!

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