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Currently Purple Urkle and Green Haze

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bytheacre, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. This is my first post, Hello all! I hope I can be a useful addition to this great community :)

    Currently my stash consists of Purple Urkle and Green Haze. I picked up a week ago. These two I have never tried prior. Because of the current growth and competition around my area, Im blessed with an outstanding amount of varietie (at least thats how I see it). So Im always trying something new.

    Below are the strains I have tried since January. January is when I walked into a dispensary for the first time...

    OG Kush, Strawberry Cough, Blueberry, Blueberry Dream, Black Indica, Sour D, Headband, Purple Haze (I know I know), Purple Kush, Kush, Jamaican Haze, Lemonade, Violator, Rockstar, Green Haze, Purple Urkle, Bubba Kush, Purple Candy, Cannatonic, Harleyquin, Pennywise, Organic Seattle Blue, Pink Northern, Sour Tangie, Sweet and Sour Widow, S Sour Widow,

    And there is approx 4-5 that I know I am forgetting about.
  2. A Few..LOL
    Maybe 5000 known strains available..Get your wallet ready LMAO!!
    Enjoy your stash and maybe grow what you like..Feminized seeds are available for many strains today!!:)
  3. I wasn't sure how to post pictures after I made the thread, sorry. Here a couple. IMG_20170829_082916.jpg 15040100487831028391131.jpg
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  4. Luckily a gram lasts me almost a week. So I just pick up small amounts of different and that works for me :)
  5. Nice..a gram of Dank lasts me about 2 days..LOL
    Here is my current grow..2x GDP on the right -1x 00 Kush on left, 1x Mystery in the front..about 2-4 wks from harvest and licking my chops over those Granddaddy Purples (still have a bunch of fem seeds.;))
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