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Currently Making Firecrackers. Il Keep This Thread Updated.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ILikeWeedxD, Jun 8, 2013.

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    I am currently cooking some firecrackers, and they look great. If this works, il let you guys know

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  2. nice firecrackers work great and get you sizzled for hours; they taste terrible though 
  3. I just finished cooking them up on the bbq and they look and smell dope as fuck. I cant wait to eat these tonight xD This is going to be my first edible trip

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  4. how much u use bo?
  5. I used about .4 in one, and .2 in another. I just ate both about 10 minutes ago. How do people say they taste bad? Tasted decent to me; just like lightly cooked peanut butter xD
  6. Most people use more herb per cracker, that's why they don't taste great.
  7. I ate both firecrackers an hour and ago and currently im am really fucking high. Edible highs r much different than smoking

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  8. So last night about 50 minutes passed and i thaught the firecracrackers whernt working but suddenly it kicked in. The experience was a lot different and it was very intense. I can see what all of the hype about edibles is about.

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  9. Can you explain me how exactly did you cooked them? i really want to try firecrackers because i've only smoked the weed. What's the difference in the high of smoking and eating?
  10. Welcome High style 
    Big difference, 
  12. I took a cracker, put peanut butter and then weed on top. I did the same to another cracker smushed the 2 sides that had peanut butter together. I then wrapped it in tin foil and put it on my bbq. I turned the knob about 1/6th of the way so only a small amount of gas was going and I put them on that top area so they wouldn't burn. Left it for like 23 minutes and it worked great :)

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