Currently growing purple urkle mother plant...when do i freeze it?

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  1. I'm currently growing a purple urkle mother plant and need to know an estimate as to when in October do I want to start freezing it....Can any1 give me an estimate? I will be harvesting on November 1st....100% of the plant is already purple except for the leaves of course...My other question is, by putting ice in the soil and freezing it, is it going to help turn the leaves and also make the buds more purple?? I also need to know how often I'm supposed to put ice on it, is it something I do every night or wat?
  2. You want the air temp cold, not the roots. U trying to kill your plant bro?
  3. Yo dude!!!! a mother plant does not flower. it's for clones
  4. So icing it will kill it?...Shit, I have all these idiots (who are more experienced than me I must say cuz im a newbie) telling me to freeze it for frostier nugs and more purple on them...I must be mistaken too, i musta heard wrong, they probably told me that this plant was cloned from the mother...
  5. Well....the plant is alive...and its roots are what feeds u form the conclusion bro! Frozen roots lol. I think they were just fucking wit u bro tbh.
  6. I've literally watched them ice their plants and it turns them purple as fuck!!! I've heard from alot of growers that purple afghani plants like PK, purple urkle, GDP, etc...are fine in VERY cold temps and it seems like it works awesome for them, especially the look of the batch, but im not gonna risk it now that u told me ice will kill it
  7. I have grown gdp. U want the air temps low but putting ice on the roots will stunt their growth, basically stop it. Frosty air temps are what u want. If it makes any sense to u, people cover their regular plants when it gets that cold, to keep them warmer than ambient, for a reason. Frozen plants are dead plants. Visit the tundra. Very few things survive when it is that cold. MJ is not one of them. Basically u are looking for a drop in nitetime temps to the low 50s, so if u wanna put a fan blowing icy cold air on them feel free. But don't freeze your roots homie. Nothing good will come of that.
  8. @beerbrewer: Thanks bro, that makes alot more sense to me, here in sacramento, it starts getting REALLY FUCKING COLD at night time usually the last week of september or the 1st week of October which is cool cuz this is set to harvest on november 1st so that'll give it at least a couple weeeks of colder night time temps anywhere from 45 degrees to maybe 50 degrees (farenheit of course)
  9. I have heard of people putting ice on their soil, never seen it done though. I personally wouldn't do it.
    Like others have said, the cooler temps work just fine. I've had good luck with that method.
    I've also heard of giving them cold water the last couple times, but have never tried that one.
  10. I put a few cubes In the soil when I switched to 12/12, I heard it helps the plant recognize the changing of seasons by mimicking the first frost of the year....I hadn't seen any negative results and I'm now in week 7 of flower
  11. LMFAO at this!! Hey man, I have an idea! Put your plant in a bucket of ice and put your dick in one also and you tell us which turned purple first!!!
  12. [quote name='"bcrafty"']LMFAO at this!! Hey man, I have an idea! Put your plant in a bucket of ice and put your dick in one also and you tell us which turned purple first!!![/quote]

    Lmao!! Nice. Yeah the whole 'freeze my plant' thing. If u wanna give it some cold water then fine. Put an ice cube on the soil and it will slowly water with very cold water. Who doesn't like some ice cold water? But really, keep it in perspective. Freezing ur plant WILL kill it. Give it a nice cold drink but don't take it too far...
  13. This is what really irks me, give the guy a break already! Putting a little ice on a rootball when the lights go out will not freeze the rootball at all unless they are using a large amount of dry ice which could be done if you insulate it a tad. Yet the guy did say "motherplant" which I'm assuming was from him being new to growing terms. 45-50 degrees will not freeze a plant and most MJ plants are quite able to handle cold temps. My guess the ice is to aid the AC unit in getting temps down to or below 50 for an hour or two.

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