Currently Friday night, pretty high, Taco Bell drive thru.

Discussion in 'General' started by Live_Life, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Just ordered some food, I'm pretty high so it was complicated but behold I did it and I'm waiting to pay. What are you blades doing on this beautiful Friday night?

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  2. Netflix, video games, a few beers, chill night for the most part.
  3. Chillin with the dawg. Takin some dabs and watchin parks and red on Netflix BUT I did hear a gunshot in the 99cent parking lot a min ago. So it may be time for a cigarette break :smoke:

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  4. Jammed for the first time with new band.. Now jus chillin
  5. Go investigate that shit, you might save a life!

    Im waiting for my homie to get off work at 12 so he can give me my 8th!!!

    Ive been waiting all damn day lol
  6. Shit. Netflix doesn't work on my Xbox right now so I'm watching *gasps* regular television!
  7. I watched the greatest college basketball team in the country beat some ass....damn we are gonna be so damn awesome come march madness...
  8. Time traveling :lol:
  9. Damn....I would give someone a half ounce of White Widow if they went and got me some Taco Bell! It is so damn cold out and I am lazy as shit right now!

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